Thursday, March 28, 2013

The boys have gotten really good and putting things together lately.  It's probably because of the bazillion trips I've made to Ikea lately due to my crazy third trimester nesting phase.  We bought a little table for Joey(and new baby) to sit at while the big boys do their school because Joey loves to pretend he's doing school as well.  I thought it was so funny Joey sat in the middle of table *supervising* with his snack while the boys worked around him.

All done!  Perfect for *school* and snack time.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Charleston continued...

 Too cool in momma's glasses...

The beach!

We all had a great time just playing in the sand and relaxing at the beach.  We ended up near the intercoastal and the dolphins were feet away from us!

At Hyman's...A Charleston favorite.  They were so great to us this time.  They kept bringing free appetizers and we had a great window seat(Martha Stewart sat at the same table!).

His Hyman's dollar for free ice cream.

It was a lovely trip.  I love Charleston!


We took a long weekend away to Charleston recently and while it was really cold, we had a great time.
Here is Darryl and Joey on a horse drawn carriage.  We took a carriage ride through Charleston to learn the history of the city and buildings.  Nicholas really wanted to do this and it was so interesting.  I could have stayed on it all day and listened to the stories about the homes and facts about the city.

Duck fat fried french fries with duck fat gravy...mmmm

Duck sandwich with blue cheese cole slaw...yummy!
(Thanks Fr Alex for the recommendation)

Silly Nicholas!

Walking to the beach...

This place had awesome food as well.  Poe's Tavern on Sullivan Island.

Monday, March 25, 2013


We haven't had the greatest snow storms this year, but that didn't stop Joseph from loving the little bit that has fallen.  

Just a little side note...isn't my husband just yummy?  He is sooo handsome!

Silly boy!

Reading time

The boys love to read books to Joey.  He eats it up and loves every minute of it!

Trampoline Fun!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food for thought...

" If we at first believe that what we are about to say will be to someone's benefit, but then, after we use our discernment, we decide that our words will only hurt the other person, then it is better to remain silent."

Quoted from one of my favorite books, Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives-The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things I never would have thought...

I never would have thought that if you run out of soap, instead of getting another bar of soap to wash your body, your Toms of Maine deodorant can take it's place.

While I was cleaning the boys bathroom last week, I noticed they had no soap in the shower.  So, I asked them why they had no soap.  They both replied they just hadn't gotten a new one and were using their deodorant to wash their bodies(and I'm guessing their hair since I noticed they were out of shampoo as well).
I  never would have guessed that this was something I had to check on...
Crazy, I know.....