Friday, January 2, 2015

 More Christmas pictures.
When we were just about done opening presents, Darryl presented the last two gifts of the year.  They were in Hello Kitty wrapping paper, so we all assumed they were for Juliana.  We had actually done that to trick the big boys.  They had no clue!
When they got the gifts, they were so surprised and laughed!

Here is Matthew opening his Hello Kitty wrapped present.

 Christmas 2014

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year.  It's such a joy to watch the children's faces as they open their gifts.  With four kids, it can get crazy with the gifts and wrapping paper, but so much fun!
After the stockings were opened, Nicholas and Matthew did something so sweet.  Instead of seeing what Santa brought or what mommy and daddy purchased for them, they wanted to give each other the gifts they had purchased with their own money.  They both went shopping for all their siblings.  
They both were so excited to see each others faces.  
Joseph was so excited with his gift, he ran over to hug them (:
They both went to Claire's to buy Juliana *pretties* so she is decked out now with Frozen bracelets and necklaces.