Wednesday, May 28, 2014


My boys were so excited about church this past Sunday.  They were Acolytes for the first time!
What an honor to be able to serve our church in such a special way.  
They did such a wonderful job and asked if they could serve weekly.  How it warms my heart to see they WANT to be in church.  They desire to SERVE.
Glory Be to God!

Nicholas on the right bowing.

Matthew on the left bowing.

The Great Entrance.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Joe Joe's Birthday

My sweet little Joe turned three years old!
I can't even believe how the time has flown.  Just yesterday he was my little skinny baby with the lip that sticks out, how I love, love, love that little lip.
Little Joe man loves his trains so we brought him to the NC Transportation Museum for his birthday.
He was so excited to see all of the big steam engines.
To be honest, we were all in awe of how big this things really are up close.
He had such a wonderful time imagining himself as an engineer driving those big engines.

After we explored the museum and had some lunch, we headed home for gifts and cake. 
Aren't gifts so much fun to give?  How I love to see his little face light up!
He received some lovely gifts from relatives.
Some books and audio books from us.

A classic!

And then...the big present!
He got a new train table with all new train tracks, bridges and cranes.
As you can see, he loved it!

Finally, we dragged him away from the train table for dessert. We made an AWESOME gluten free chocolate pie.  The coconut whipped cream wasn't our favorite, but the pie was divine.  

I love you sweet Joseph.  You bring such joy to our lives!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

 My sweets after church with her soon-to-be godmother.
  We are so blessed to have these people in our lives.  They have really become like family.  They love her (and all of our children) and we love and pray for their children and family as well. 

Don't you love the outfit?  It's too much!
I think some of my most treasured memories are captured in these photos.  It truly warms my heart when my little ones spot me from across the room and their little face lights up.
Then they come toddling as fast as they can for mama's arms.

big and little.

She has us wrapped around her little pudgy finger.
Especially her big brothers.
Yes, the act tough and cool, but melt around her.
All she has to do is smile and pucker up for a kiss.

Monday, May 5, 2014

They won!

Both boys won gold at the district level for their presentations, so they will move on to state.
This year was extra exciting because they both had many competitors in their categories, which made them both nervous and excited.
I am so proud of these two boys!
I would have been proud of them if they hadn't won because I know how hard they worked, but I'm thrilled for them that their hard work paid off!
Off to the state competition!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gosh, my boys look so big in these pictures.  
I really don't watch old home movies or really look at old pictures often. Truth be told, it's really because it makes me sad how fast time flies.  Looking at these pictures really gives me pause...they are growing up!

  How I love this life God had given us.
 How grateful am I that HE has entrusted me with these children, it is beyond my comprehension at times his love for me, truly.

But, I digress...

My sweet, growing boys gave their 4H presentations recently and did an AMAZING job.

Nicholas did his presentation on How to Become and Entrepreneur and Real Estate Mogul.
He did a wonderful job.  While he was a teeny bit too fast, he was very engaging and the judge loved his presentation.  He got 46 out of 49!  So, he will get to participate at the District level.
I'm so proud of all his hard work!

Matthew...oh boy... He was so nervous the day of this competition.  He cried and I could tell he was really stressed out.  His presentation had many elements including an experiment.

But, let me say, when he got out there, he blew me away!
The audience and the judges were all in shock and made many comments.
Truly, it was fantastic.
He received a 48 out of a possible 49, so he will get to compete at the district level as well.
Proud mama here!

Both boys competed in the talent portion as well.  Matthew received top honors and will compete in the district level talent show.  
We are so proud of both boys.  They worked so hard and it shows!

Each year, Matthew and Nicholas put together a 4H project to present.  They work for weeks researching, writing, editing, creating a poster board and then reciting...and reciting...and reciting.
It's a big deal to get up in front of judges and present a topic.  We all get nervous, I know I get really, really nervous.  I am so proud of both of my boys.  Matthew chose to do his presentation this year on Sugar is Toxic.  He even has a really neat experiment in where he shows how regular sodas sink and diets float because of the sugar content in the can.  He had practiced and practiced in front of us and needed an audience.  Who better than a sweet baby with cheese to occupy her?  
She loved to listen and giggle while he presented.
 A better match?  
I think not.