Tuesday, August 27, 2013

She's learning chess.

What?  Is 4 months old too young to learn chess?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Where did she come from?

My little Juliana.  Well, she's not so little.
At 4 months, she is now 15lbs 13oz as well as 26" long.
That puts her in the 90% for weight and 95% for height.

Our time...

 My sweet little lady has been a bit fussy this past week or so.  I suspect she may be teething and wakes up often.  I truly don't mind.  Having big kids gives one perspective on how quickly it all goes.  I cherish these quiet nightly visits, just me and my girl.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tweetsie Railroad

After our fun night camping, we decided to head to Tweetsie Railroad.  I really was unsure how this was going to go because of the age difference in our children.  We wanted to go because Joey LOVES trains and it's such a sweet little theme park, but on the other hand, I was worried how the big boys were going to like it.  We brought them to Tweetsie when they were young like Joe, but for big kids, I didn't know.  Well, I think the big kids had as much fun as the little!
They loved the carnival type rides and with it being on top of the mountain, made them just a wee bit scarier.
I asked the boys today what activities they'd like to do as a family this fall...they said Tweetsie again.

We all had such a great day and the weather couldn't have been better.

Here is Joey and I on the car ride.  It's so neat because it goes over a little bridge and you have a great view of the mountains.

Look at Nicholas' face!  He is terrified!

Joey loves planes as well.

I'm ready to ride the train!

Even baby Juliana loves trains!

Boats are fun too!

The view from the little mouse train.  It's gorgeous!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


 We began camping years ago when our big boys were just little guys.  We started out in Kampin' Kabins at the KOA, then moved onto a tent, then bought a camper.  We all loved camping so much but stopped when we moved to our property because we live out in the beautiful woods now and it feels like a campground here.  But, we did miss the fun of camping so a couple of weeks ago we rented a Kampin' Kabin at the same place we started way back when in Boone,NC. 
I'll admit we were a little scared how it was going to go with a toddler and a 3 month old.
It was AWESOME! 

We had the best time together.  We got there and I immediately set up.  I love making the beds and setting the table.  I love to make it homey in the cabin.  
The boys played in the pool.  They were crazy, in my opinion, as it was cold outside and even colder in the pool, but they didn't care they just wanted to have fun.  Joseph played on the playground and had a great time seeing the baby goats and donkeys in the animal area.  We had a lovely dinner together by the campfire, listen to some bluegrass music playing in the rec hall and then went for a lovely walk on a mountain road.  We then came back and played games together. 

The kids had a great time. They didn't ask to watch a movie or anything.  They just wanted to be together. 
We all sat on the porch later and talked while I nursed the baby in the swing.  It was so wonderful.  I can't wait to do it again.  
We may just have to purchase a camper again as we all didn't realize how much we missed it.

 Juliana loves camping!

Darryl, Matthew and Joey on the porch swing.

Our cozy bed!

Matthew lovin' on his baby sister.

It's so neat to see Joey playing on the same things the boys did at his age.  He loves to climb the stairs.  

Sleepy baby.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Us Girls


 Some pictures from the Annual 4th of July parade here in our lil' ol' small town.
Joey was infatuated with the tractors...
There are LOTS of tractors in our parade.
And horses...
And beauty queens...
And candy...lot's of candy...