Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 So, we made it 12 years with rambunctious boys and no broken bones.
Then, we get two broken bones in two kids in three weeks.
When it rains it pours!

Our home is under major renovations right now and the contractor had taken down the stair rail.
It wasn't a problem for the first two weeks as we were on vacation, but when we got home, it was a problem. 
The new stair case has spindles about half way up and then a wall.
So, it needed a new stair rail on the other side.
I asked the contractor several times to put it up and he said he would.
It didn't happen.
Last Thursday before we left for the day I asked him again to put it up that day, I was getting worried.
He told me he would.
We came home to no stair rail.
That night, little Joe was coming down the stairs holding the wall and slipped.
He kind of cartwheeled down about six steps.
I saw him falling and ran to him and caught him before he reached the hardwood floors.
Thanks be to God for that!
He was complaining that his shoulder hurt, but he could move it so I figured maybe it was just bruised.
I calmed him down and got him to sleep.
The next morning he was still nursing his shoulder, so I knew something wasn't right.
I got him in with his pediatrician and he sent us to the hospital for X-Rays.
Not his shoulder.
His clavicle.
Green stick fracture.
Thankfully, Darryl was on the way home from a trip and my sister was here for support and to help with the other kids.
Thanks be to God for that!
Little Joe got all fixed up and now he has to wear a sling and a brace for a couple of weeks.
He has handled this like a trooper.  He is such an amazing kid, he hasn't complained at all!
We did put a halt to potty training even though he was doing amazing because he knew it would be hard to use the potty with just one arm.
Poor guy!
Friends brought him a little gift and it meant so much to him.
Lana brought him a gift and that meant so much to him.
He is loved by so many!
Hopefully, we are done with broken bones in our home, I've had enough to last me another twelve years!

 Marker makeup.
Apparently, she enjoys coloring on her body more than paper.

She doesn't keep her artist vision just to herself.
My legs are great palettes for her art as well.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Vacation!

Our summer vacation this year landed us in Sanibel Island, Florida.
We always try to go to the west coast of Florida because the Gulf of Mexico is our favorite.  
We rented a condo in Orlando first for a couple of days and had planned on going to Blizzard Beach, but Nicholas broke his wrist right before we were leaving for the trip.  He fell off of his bike at the end of our driveway.  We thought it wasn't broken because he could move his wrist.  But, we noticed when we got to FL that he was still constantly holding it.  So, to be safe we brought him to the doctor.  The doctor felt it wasn't broken as well, but we insisted upon an xray.  He still didn't see anything, but sent it to a specialist.  The next morning (the day we were going to go to Blizzard Beach) the doctor called to say it was indeed broken. He had a buckle fracture.  It wouldn't require a cast.  He wears a brace.  It's pretty funny, he complained about wearing the brace, saying only old people wore them.  We disagreed, but promptly saw an elderly gentleman wearing them on each wrist.  It gave us good excuse to tease him the rest  of the trip calling him "Nana" and "PopPop".
We still had a good time in Orlando.  Our condo was beautiful and the resort had nice amenities. 
After we checked out of there, we headed down south to Sanibel.
I don't know what was going on, but it was so busy there!
I guess we are so used to vacationing right when school is starting so the beaches are usually very quiet.  Not this time!
We still had a great time.
  We made lots of new friends.
 The boys had lots of kids to play with and made a wonderful friend from NJ that I they want to keep in touch with.
All in all, it was a good vacation.  
 We had warm weather and water and most importantly time together.

I love my family.

Sweets loves the water!

My handsome boy.

My sensitive, sweet little Joe.
I love you so much!

I wish time could stand still.
I am enjoying her so much.

The boys and their new friend, Brady.

I think this is one of my absolute favorite pictures...ever.

This trip really made me see how fast time flies.  I remember bringing the boys to these beaches when they were little toddlers.
I really savor these moments.
They are growing into such wonderful young men and I couldn't be more proud.

Our family.
2014 Beach Vacation.

Monday, July 7, 2014

 Our small town has wonderful parades. 
 They hold one on the 4th of July and one at Christmas time.  Both are so fun for the kids.  What I didn't realize was how my Brooklyn raised-city lovin' mama would enjoy herself more than the kids!
In our town, the parade consists of local beauty queens, one dance school and lots of tractors and horses.  They also give candy...lot's of candy.
My mom was racing to get the candy faster than the kids could get it.  I don't think she realized, nor cared, that it was for the children.
She wanted those Tootsie Rolls and was determined to get them.
Oh my, did we have some laughs. 
Little Joe was having a ball collecting candy.

These two wanted to act cool, but they were just as excited as the little ones.

Sweets, well...just being sweet.

Why is Nicholas laughing?
Could it be that his Nana is in the middle of the road snatching candy?

And there she goes!

Yes, Juliana that is hilarious!

Happy 4th of July!