Wednesday, December 31, 2014

 Christmas Eve.
Our Christmas Eve was filled with our favorite traditions.
Vespers Service.
Homemade jammies and ornaments.
Yummy appetizer dinner.
Polar Express.
Twas' the Night Before Christmas.
cookies and milk for Santa
Excited children eager to go to bed, but too excited to sleep.

Quiet home after children are asleep. 
Fire in the fireplace and hot coffee to keep awake.
Excited mommy and daddy as we think of how happy the children will be in the morning.


 Going to the lodge...The Great Wolf Lodge!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our family has a little boy that loves trains.  He really loves anything that has an engine, but especially trains.  Last year, we did the Denton Christmas Train, but this year we went to Village Park in Kannapolis and visited their Christmas village.
It was really cold that night, but we all had a great time, especially Joseph.
The town really had a wonderful village.  Inside was a huge model train setup with stations for the kids to engage different scenes for the trains.  Joseph loved this part and really the big boys did as well.
Outside was the musical bears, Santa's cottage, a snow show,  hot chocolate and a ride on the train through a lighted display.

Here Joseph is explaining how he wanted a large steam engine for Christmas.  

Poor Juliana...she looks so frightened..

Of course, we *made* the big boys sit on Santa's lap.

Joseph all ready for the train ride.

Who doesn't love a good snow?
(even if it isn't real)

 I can not believe I am now the mother to two teens...
It feels like time goes on super speed as they get older. 
Thinking back, I remember being a new mommy so scared.
  I had no idea how to even change a diaper, nurse a baby, even hold a baby, yet God placed these two in our care. 
We have watched them grow from spunky little pudgy toddlers to amazing young men.
They love their family.
They love each other.
They both are so outgoing and engaging to everyone they meet.
It is so strange how time gives perspective.  I remember those toddler days when I felt like those days would last forever.  How sometimes, I would wish for the day to hurry up and end.  Sometimes, it was so hard!  But now, especially now, I see how that was a mistake.  I should have cherished every moment.  I regret that.  I do not ever do that now.  I know how fast time goes and not only do I cherish the moments with these big boys, I do so with my younger children as well.

I have so many wonderful memories with these two boys.  
I'm excited for the memories to come.

Happy Birthday Nicholas and Matthew!
I love you so much!

On their birthday this year, we really wanted to have some time with just them.  We got a babysitter for the little ones and had a great day together.  
We took the boys to Victory Lanes in Charlotte.
This place is no  We all got suited up in our gear and raced and raced.
My muscles hurt for days afterwards trying so hard to make my car win.
Darryl beat us all every race, but we had an awesome time!

Here is Darryl with the boys.

Me and my guys.

Look how tall they are!

We had worked up quite an appetite, so we told the boys they could pick anywhere they wanted to go for lunch.  It wasn't much of a choice...they both instantly said RuSans.
RuSans is a great rockin' sushi place near Dilworth that we all like.  
On weekdays, they have a sushi buffet.
A buffet for a 13 year old boy is like the best gift you can give them, seriously.
Add sushi in for my boys...well, they were in heaven!


 After a fun day together, we headed back home to pick up the rest of the family to enjoy the rest of the day together.  
We had such a wonderful day. 
 I hope the boys always know how much I love them.

Happy Birthday!

 Ahhh!!!  We have been so busy enjoying life this month, I have gotten so far behind in updating my little 'ol blog...

This month has been full of birthdays, parties, friends and family.
We have experienced so many wonderful memory making moments.  It's always so exciting when the holidays come, but then it's so sad when it ends (well a little sad, it sure was busy!!)
I'll try and post a couple of events, but I know I won't get to them all.

Our annual Christmas parade in town is always a fun event.  The kids love our little parades because it's so fun to see our neighbors marching down the street.  They always love the candy as well!
The boys had a friend come and enjoy it with us and our newest family member, Charlie came too!

Sweets is ready for her candy!

Here they come!

I love when she waves she always tucks her little pinky finger over. 
It's so cute, her little pudgy hand...smooch...

After the parade, we headed to the museum in town.  The decorate every year with lots of Christmas decorations and serve punch and cookies.
The next day, the big boys and I had a date at the tour of homes.  We all were so looking forward to this event.  My big boys love homes and real estate possibly even more than Darryl and I do, so this was a much anticipated day.  We had a great time learning the history of some of the local homes and enjoying our time together.