Wednesday, October 28, 2015

 For Darryl's birthday this year, he asked to go to Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC.  Living here for 12 years, we've heard about Lazy 5, but for one reason or another, never ventured out to visit.  
It was a beautiful day to visit!  We chose the wagon ride instead of driving through with our car and we were all glad we did.  The tour guide had lots of interesting facts about the animals and they loved coming up to the wagon.  We all had plenty of food to give the animals, so they were eager for a visit.

Look at his tongue!  He would curl his tongue around the food we dropped in his mouth!

 Having a ball!

The weather was warm and sunny.  I enjoyed the wagon ride more than anything.  To be honest, I wasn't eager to feed the

His best birthday presents!  

Enjoying a walk with my sweets.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Some more pictures of our dreamy mountain weekend.

Joe made a friend!!

Who doesn't love a campfire and some yummy smores?

Another friend for Joe.  This time it's a Hickory Tussock Caterpillar.

Worms are for fishing and for examining.

The owners of the property created some deep pockets within the creek.  Perfect for jumping in and exploring, if you like cold water!

We took a lovely trip to the mountains Labor Day weekend. 
The weather was gorgeous! 
We found the cutest cabin on Grassy Creek.  The little *subdivision* only had 4 cabins.  Two of the cabins were rentals.  One reserved for the owner of the property and one was for the caretaker.  The caretakers were a sweet older couple that loved the mountains and loved taking such good care of the property.  Our cabin was spotless and so cute.  Firewood was cut and prepared for a fire by the creek.  They supplied us with plenty of outdoor chairs, tubes, fishing items, etc.  They even had a motorized John Deer tractor to ride that Joseph loved. 
It was perfect!

Before we headed to the cabin, we stopped at a little cafe' in downtown Boone for brunch.
See the boo boo sweets has on her face?  She fell right before we were going to leave.  We had to rush her to Urgent Care, for we feared she may need stitches because it was quite deep.  But, the doctor just glued it with steri strips and said we were good to go.  We were so thankful she was o.k.  

Beautiful Grassy Creek and beautiful husband.

Our sweet home for the long weekend.  Darryl and I loved sitting on the deck with coffee in hand watching the creek.

Little Joe's favorite amenity all weekend...

Organic coffee with cream and gorganzola sourdough bread with Kerrygold butter....yummmmm...

Matthew having a ball kayaking down the creek.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sharing secrets and stories.

Monday, October 5, 2015

 Our sweet Joe has begun soccer this fall.  He really wanted to play baseball like his big brothers, but they didn't offer baseball for his age group in fall season.  So, he agreed to give soccer a try.  We are all so glad he has had this time to experiment with something new.  He is having a ball!
What a joy it gives me to get to see him play.
This is his time to shine!  

                                                      We are so proud of you Peanut!