Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Our laptop is on the fritz again-really it's falling apart..literally the moniter is falling apart from the keyboard-but I can't bring myself to buy another one!!  Hopefully, I can upload some pictures to it and post with pictures this week..but wanted to update my blog non the less...

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Family came and visited for about 5 days prior to Christmas and that was wonderful!  I love having a full house!  I love to cook for everyone and just the noise and busyness make me happy. Our Christmas Eve was spent at Mass and then home for appetizers, a movie and Santa tracker.  We were also blessed by one of our neighbors.  He smoked us a 12 pound Boston was soooo good!  We traditionally have an Italian feast on Christmas but with the suprise of our smoked Butt, we went Southern style this year.   Then our Christmas was quiet with just our little family in our p.j.'s opening gifts, eating, playing games and waiting for the snow...We ended up with about 6 inches here at our home and boy was it fun!  My little house looked so pretty covered in snow and the woods looked like was beautiful.  We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground and I'll admit I'm ready for it to be gone now.  The boys got a trampoline and zip line for Christmas so they are patiently(not really) waiting for those to be set up and enjoyed.  Nicholas said the sock monkey I made was his favorite present-that really made me happy.  He has been carrying it around constantly..he's such a love bug...

I've started to feel the baby kicking-in fact-he/she woke me up last night bouncing around in there.  It seems in the last 2 weeks my belly has really popped out and I'm not sure how much longer I will be in regular clothes.  We find out on Jan. 10th if it's a boy or a girl....

That's about it...Christmas decorations are down and I'm really in the mood to clean and organize the house.  It does look so empty without the decorations...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve agenda

I don't have much time to post but wanted to update on our Christmas Eve plans.
We are bringing over some homemade treats to neighbors..
Then we are headed to Mass..
Then it's back home for some homemade yummy appetizers...
Afterwards, we always open two gifts-pajamas and a new ornament for the tree..
Then we'll get Santa's cookies and the reindeers carrots ready and begin tracking Santa's journey...
Twas' the Night before Christmas is always read snuggled under blankets..
and then it's off to bed for good little boys...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MMMmmm....Hot Chocolate!

Our living room...

Here is our living room decorated for Christmas..this picture is a bit blurry but I wanted to show the beautiful sunset in the background.  We live on the top of a hill and get the most beautiful sunsets all the time!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turkey Carcass Soup

After Thanksgiving the last thing I wanted to think about was more cooking or turkey for that matter but after years of making wonderful stock from our leftover chicken bones, I knew I could do the same with the turkey bones.  So, I froze the turkey carcass (and hoped I wouldn't about it).  Well, Monday it was COLD here, snow was on the ground and my boys weren't feeling their best...I knew I had to make soup.  So, I searched my favorite site to see if there was something besides stock I could do with a turkey carcass...this soup!!
It's soooo good!  This picture is from yesterday where I kept in on the burner on low all day.  Nicholas wasn't feeling well so I thought I would have it ready for when he wanted something warm to eat.  I was also baking alot and thought it would be easier to have something ready when Matthew and I needed a baking break (-:
This recipe makes alot!! I still have about 1/3 of a pot left for lunch today and I think I'll freeze the rest for when someone comes up sick.  I also had 4 quart jars of stock saved from it in the freezer.
It's super good, really nutritious and thrifty!!

Turkey Carcass Soup
(adapted from a recipe found on

1 Leftover Turkey Carcass
3 onions, chopped
3 carrots, diced
2 celery ribs, diced
1/2 cup of butter
1 c flour
1 cup of milk
1 cup of  brown rice
2tsp sea salt
1 tsp. chicken bouillion
3/4 tsp black pepper

Place turkey carcass in kettle/soup pot and cover with water.  Bring to a boil and then cover and simmer for several hours(the longer you simmer, the better flavor-I simmered it about 4 hours).  Remove the carcass and cool.  Set aside 3 1/2 quarts of broth for soup(I had more than this that I just froze to use for other recipes)
Remove turkey meat from bones-I was shocked at how much meat we still had on the bones..I estimated about 3 cups of meat!
In the now empty soup pot, saute onions, carrots and celery in butter.  Redue heat, stir in flour until blended.  Gradually add 1 qt. broth and bring to a boil..cook 2 minutes.  Add milk, rice, salt, bouillion, pepper, remaining broth and turkey meat.  Reduce heat, cover and simmer 40 minutes until rice is tender.

I made some whole wheat biscuits to accompany the soup and topped them my favorite way-with butter and raspberry jam!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's snowing!!

Oh my it's snowing right now!!! It's so beautiful!! It's 10:30 pm but I may have to wake the boys up!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homeschool Christmas Party

We celebrated with our local homeschool group last week with a wonderful Christmas party/Jesus birthday party.  I love this homeschool group because they always have so many wonderful activities and parties!  We love parties!

First the boys got to make a craft with their handprints.

Then they played games...

After the games, one of the mom's talked with the kids about the true meaning of the season and then
the kids got to get a cupcake with a candle to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus..

I'm looking foward to the next party in February for are the boys!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Because I love them..

I finished the sock monkeys for the boys...No, they are not perfect-I've never made stuffed anything before and I don't love hand sewing...but I know they are going to love them...
Now onto Snoopy pajammies and matching pillowcases-this I know I can do-my sewing machine and I get along very well (-:

Annual Christmas tree hunt...err..fight...

O.k. so every year we have lived in N.C. we treak up to the mountains the day after Thanksgiving to cut down a Christmas's a traditon in our family.  It happens because we've never had family or guests for Thanksgiving and so we do this to make ourselves feel better for not having family here..well, this year we were blessed to have family from NJ and it was sooo wonderful.  I hope every year we have family come from now on...
I digress..
Anyway, we make this trip up to the mountains and pick the farm, drink the cider, take the hayride up the mountain...and fight...and fight and fight..
We are ALWAYS the last family to pick a tree..ALWAYS...
We always fight over the tree every year.  When the boys were too young to know better, Darryl and I would fight about the tree.  We would be standing out there freezing, sometimes in the snow fighting...
Now that the boys are old enough for an opinion, they have joined into the fight.  After what seems like an eternity of looking at EVERY.SINGLE.TREE...we'll pick usually the first one we chose in the first place.
Then we'll head to Blowing Rock for the festivities and reminince how wonderful our tradition is...isn't it always the case you forget the pain after it's happened? (-:
Anyway, the discussions began in November about the Christmas tree this year.  You see, our new home has 19 foot ceilings in the family room and Darryl wanted a BIG tree!  We happened to be at Hobby Lobby sometime in November and I casually mentioned that maybe we buy...gasp..get ready for it...a fake tree...
The boys burst into tears...I casually reminded them that our *tradition* always ends up in fights and if we want a large tree and go to the mountains it will cost more out of the Christmas budget(I know, I'm such a miser..someone has to watch the
So, on Thanksgiving Darryl mentioned going to a local tree lot so we could get a larger tree.  He figured that the gas money we saved could pay for a larger tree...good logic, money-wise..I like it..but how will the boys react?  Well, he approached the boys about it and gave them the choice..we could go the mountains and stick with our normal 7/8 ft tree or we could go to a local lot and pick a larger tree...they chose the larger...
So, the day after Thanksgiving after our guests left, we headed to a local tree lot.  Apparantly, they have been doing this in the same location for 30 years.  They bring their trees from there farm in the mountains so we were still getting a NC tree.  Actually, it was a really nice lot and they had candy canes, coloring books, etc..just not the hay ride...but one thing they did have...
The Annual K Family Christmas tree fight!!
Again, we were there for over an hour looking at every tree..Matthew threw a fit because he wanted a tree that looked like it belonged in the White House and Nicholas and I finally gave up and sat down...
Darryl and Matthew looked and looked and looked and then looked some more and then we finally, finally found our tree...
As you'll see the picture is of Darryl and I because Matthew was still crying we didn't pick his tree.

After the tears were dried and we got to take pictures and eat candy canes, we were all happy again.


Although, I do love going to the mountains, it actually was kindof nice not driving up that day.  We got to go home, have some leftovers and trim the tree.   The boys really seemed fine with it and our tree really is beautiful.  They even gave us 10% off the tree for being first time customers, so we actually paid the same for our 10ft that we usually pay for our 7ft... It was still a great tradition even if we didn't go all the way up there...we will always have our annual fight regardless of where it is...
With love,

Better late than never...

Our computer is finally fixed!! 

These pictures are from Halloween.  We had such a great Halloween this year..since we live out in the country we headed to town(not our town it's too small-the next town) to go trick or treating.  The historic homes in this town really do a wonderful job and it's always so much fun!
I made mummy pizzas for dinner and then we got busy with costumes, makeup and some pictures.  Our property was perfect for pictures of our werewolf, Nicholas..

Our werewolf and rodeo clown walking down the driveway...

Here is our rodeo clown, Matthew...

We are already talking about next year-we always do! I want them to be Heat Miser and Cold Miser from the movie, "The Year without Santa Claus"  They love singing the songs so I thought it would be perfect..we'll see!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I still can't post pictures...we just ordered the part for the laptop on Monday so hopefully we'll have it fixed by the end of this week.
 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my husband's sister and her family.  The boys LOVED playing with their little cousin and wouldn't leave her alone.  She was precious.  I think, in a way, that was God showing me what it would be like to have a little one in the was nice.  The boys drew pictures of her, colored with her, played blocks with her, chased her and made her giggle was really sweet.

I'm feeling good...both physically and mentally.  I'm still not ready to go shopping yet and someone asked me yesterday if I'd thought of baby names and that hasn't even crossed my mind...but I'm getting there.  I have a doctor's appointment next week to go over my blood work and then I think I'm going to switch doctors.  I'm really not happy with the practice and haven't felt comfortable, I'm praying I'll find a better doctor.

I've been busy shopping and crafting.  I'm about 85% done with one sock monkey.  My goal is to be totally done by the end of this week with both of them and to get started on the boys pj's.  I'm either so pooped by the end of the night or I really want to go on the treadmill so neither of those lend to much crafting time(although it's one of my most favorite things to do). 

I'm been also researching curriculum and classes for the boys for next fall.  I'm thinking I need to outsource writing/grammar for them.  I found what looks to be a good online class but it's very, very expensive(especially when you times it by two) college class expensive. So, we'll see where our budget is in the spring and if it's something we can do.  I also am hoping to sign them up for a science class here in town.

I just finished decorating yesterday and the house looks great-I hope to show pictures soon!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgving Menu at our home

Spinach dip with pumpernickle bread
Cranberry Cream Cheese dip with crackers
Various cheeses, pickles and olives to snack on...

Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole(ala Pioneer Woman this year)
Honey Glazed Rolls

Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Pie w/whipped cream
Apple pie w/vanilla ice cream(Darryl asked me to make two apple pies and hide one just for him..haha!!)

Thankful for my family and the wonderful blessings of the season..

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry their hasn't been any pictures lately.  My laptop is on the fritz and I don't have pictures saved on our desktop, so after I order the part necessary to fix the laptop-I'll be updating with pictures.

I'm feeling a bit better lately.  I'm S..L..O..W..L..Y..coming to what I would call acceptance.  I'm definetely better than where I was.  I still get emotional about it and do cry, but those instances are fewer and farer between.  Seeing little one waving around last Friday made Darryl elated...he was beaming the entire afternoon.  Yes, I had another that's 5 so far...yes, I'm crazy...but I had to make sure again that their was only one.  I was scared one was hiding from me! 

I haven't gained any weight yet but my belly is starting to poke out.  Thankfully, I still fit comfortably in my non-maternity clothes and hope to stay that way for a couple more months-we'll see how big the tummy gets...

I'm busy preparing for Thanksgiving.  Lists, shopping, baking-I love it!!

I've also begun some Christmas crafting.  I've started the sock monkeys for the boys, cut out the material for their Christmas pajammies and I'm also making them matching pillowcases.  I've also started crafting for some other people.  I've made something new this Christmas that I think is really cute. 

As far as the holiday's begun as far as I'm concerned-it became official when I purchased eggnog yesterday...I couldn't was calling my name..I had to do it...and it was organic...
Is it bad that when we got home from the grocery store, I sent the boys upstairs for some quiet time so I could enjoy the egg nog alone?    Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an egg nog hoarder....

Anyway, the boys have a piano recital this weekend, then I'm hoping we can go create some Christmas ornaments together.  We may do something at home this year-while I love going to the pottery place, it does get pretty expensive and I'd like to bring them there for something else this Christmas season.

So, that's pretty much what's going on here.  I'm hanging on......with my egg nog...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We have family coming for Thanksgiving!!!!
This is the first time in 9 years that we have celebrated with family and I'm so excited!
I was pregnant with the boys the last time we had family together for Thanksgiving..wait...I'm pregnant this some sort of wierd coincidence?
I digress...
I can't wait-I love, love, love having people here-especially family!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Typical Nicholas

So, today we are studying about the first English settlers to America in Virgina.   I asked the boys if they were going to start a new colony somewhere, what did they think they needed to bring with them?

Matthew answered things like seeds, clothes, guns, bows and arrows.

Nicholas said, "I'd bring women"

Oh, gosh...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm so stinkin' sick of contractors..

So, we hired this guy to build us a fireplace mantle.  First, he calls to confirm when I told him to come and TELLS me that after he comes over, he'll measure the fireplace then go home and build it, then come over to put in on..Whoa..I told him let's meet first, discuss what we want,etc.  So, he brings his wife and she goes on and on how he's so great and is so talented yada yada...I had a feeling about know that even though the price is good it just doesn't seem right, but I overlooked it because they were soooo cheap!

So, he gives us a price and we agree to let him build the mantle.  This was on Friday.  He was supposed to go get the wood(we even had a sawmill that we knew had the perfect piece that he called and reserved)  He asked us for $50 for the wood.  Not knowing him from Adam we said no-he obviously knew where we lived but we didn't feel comfortable giving him money until the job was done-thank goodness..
He was to come today at noon to fit the mantle that he apparantly built this weekend.  Darryl was coming home from a trip and I didn't want to be here alone with some random guy so I scheduled it for when Darryl was home...12:00 comes and get the picture...So, Darryl calls him and asks him what's up...He hasn't even bought the wood yet!!  He didn't call..nothing!  He said he couldn't do it unless we bought the wood first or paid him for the wood...yeah right..I wasn't born yesterday buddy...
What I don't get is obviously this guy needs the money...he sat here forever on Friday wasting his and our time yet doesn't even bother to show up?!! 
So, I'm sans mantle....
Thankfully, I found another guy with good references and seem to be very professional.  Only time will tell..we'll see how this one goes...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Is it totally bad that It's 6:15 pm and I'm still in my pj's ?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Quick Update

I don't have much time this morning for a full post but wanted to update my blog(My sweet brother constantly reminds me that yes..I've done a bad job lately of updating), a more thorough post will come later.  Some things that have been happening:
We went to the Biltmore last Saturday, which was really neat but suprisingly would seem our economy was having NO issues with the amount of people we saw there (It's really expensive to get in..)
We hit downtown Asheville afterwards to take in the sights and hopefully get into my favorite restaurant for dinner.  Alas, there was a 2 hour wait and it was already 8pm so we just walked around for a bit, listened to the street singers, and hit the road to find a Carrabas...I was pretty bummed I love to eat at local establishments vs. chain but 2 hours we just couldn't do..The upside is that Tupelo Honey Cafe(the restaurant I speak of has a cookbook coming out in the Spring so I'll be able to make their wonderful food at home!)

I went for another ultrasound on Friday.  I HAD to find out if there was 2 babies in there..I know I'm crazy, I know whether their was 2 or 20 it is was it is..but I HAD TO KNOW...I was in a panic, making deals with God-like he's some sort of saleman and this is a negotiation boy that's a laugh..but I was a panic I promised to find joy and be happy if he would just put one..oh it had to be healthy..oh..and if it could be the sex I wanted that would be great too...I act like I'm 6 sometimes..really...
Well, I went in and the ultrasound tech was wonderful(much better than the girl at the doctor's office) She checked for like 20 minutes and even gave me some 4D images of the baby(which looks like an alien right now)..their is only 1...I feel confident in that now and can rest a little easier.  Not that I don't absolutely adore my twins..everyone that knows me knows that they are everything to me..but..I just want one set...I've done it and I had fun and it was great and all that jazz but I don't want to do it again...period...

I've noticed lately my patience is really running thin.  I'm not very tolerant lately of alot of things.  It's not the kids or's other people.  I don't know if it's a pregnancy thing or what but somethings that irritated me before really are setting me off lately.  Like how certain people say certain words-It's stupid I know but for some reason it's really bothering me lately.  I won't go into them here my family knows what they are and constantly think it's funny to bring them up and say them to irritate's kindof funny now that I write it out how silly it is..but does irritate me..

I'm planning on buying a treadmill this week or next.  We had an awesome treadmill that we sold for pennies two homes ago and I so wish we had that one!   I really want to keep in shape during this pregnancy and since there is only one I want to make sure I'm careful about how much weight I gain.  I gained 28 pounds with the boys, which I know is good with twins, since most singelton pregnancys gain 25-35 pounds, so I'm hoping to only gain about 20 pounds with this one.  So far, it seems that it will be easy because I have no appetite for anything but I know after the first trimester is over, the food cravings I have to be careful.  Plus, the holiday season is coming and I have a hard time controlling myself during that time.  I also had gestastional diabetes with the twins and hope this time I don't get it again. 

Whew!  That was a long post for what was to be a short update.  Will be back soon with pictures from the Biltmore!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday October 19, 2010

For Today…

Outside my window... The leaves are changing  and are starting to fall.  I love when they get blown around it looks like it's snowing orange,red, yellow and brown-it's beautiful!

I am thinking....about holiday gift making-don't tell the boys but I want to make them sock monkeys

I am wearing...Long sleeve knit top and bermuda shorts

I am wierd dreams last night.  I dreamed I sold this house and then changed my mind but it was too late.  I have been talking about selling but it's only because I get the itch because my extended family isn't here.  When they come(noticed I said when not if)..I'm never leaving!

I am get the rest of the boys Halloween items today.  I'm also hoping to find some flannel sheets for my bed.  I saw on Kohl's website that they had all their spring maternity things on sale and they didn't look to *maternity-like*(I don't do big shirts, dresses that look like I'm a parachute, or anything like that) I may check out what they have since I will be big next spring...

I am hoping....that I can keep it together this week.  So far, I haven't cried since Sunday(which is an accomplishment-BELIEVE me).  I just keep looking foward and trying to see the positive-I'm trying to choose joy again.

From the learning rooms…playing catch up from the last couple of weeks.  I've really dropped the ball since I found out I was pregnant.  Thankfully, they both are really into reading right now and have been reading constantly so I feel like we are still progressing foward.  We went to the zoo yesterday for zoo club and that was fun but today it's back to the books!

Noticing that...My boys are going to be fine...they really have embraced this new change and for that, I'm thankful

Pondering these words...

From the kitchen…Nothing special to be honest.  I just don't have an appetite lately so I've been forcing myself to at least eat salad and a bit of protein.

Around the house...It's a mess...period...trying to get back into the swing of things..

One of my favorite things: Flannel sheets..I keep cozing up with the boys at night because of their flannel sheets..oh and they are super cozy kids too...

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Baseball tournaments, dinner with friends on Wednesday and I have a dear friend coming over Saturday night for dinner-can't wait!

From my picture journal...
I bought these flowers at Walmart for .50 for a scrawny pack of 6 flowers.  They looked really bad but I figured for .50 if they didn't come back it wasn't a huge loss..but they ended up thriving!

If you'd like to participate in the simple woman's daybook, visit:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A special birthday

It was my sweet husband's birthday on Thursday-Oct. 7th...
I knew for at least one day I needed to suck it up and do something for someone else.(I hadn't cooked a dinner in at least 7 days-I know...I just couldn't do it for some reason)..So, although I cried in the morning, I got myself together and prepared his favorite dinner-Chicken Marsala with Fettucine Alfredo...
It was really, really good...

I also made him an ice cream cake for dessert.  Not just any ice cream cake but an ice cream cake with a chocolate crust.  The first layer of ice cream was chocolate with crushed cookie crumbs.  Then I crushed an entire bag of snack sized snickers and put that in the middle layer...then I put another layer of Edy's Chocolate ice cream.  Then I made some whipped cream..I decorated the top with the whipped cream and put some more crushed snickers on top....It was S...O....G..O..O..D...!!!

We opened gifts.  One thing Darryl and I love to do for each other is to take the boys to the paint your own pottery place and make something with their hand or footprints.  Well, this year we made a popcorn bowl.  You see Darryl is the best popcorn maker and on Friday night movie nights he always makes popcorn for us(which is kindof neat because his dad used to do the same thing)
He loved it...

Hopefully, he had a wonderful birthday and I didn't spoil it with my depression and tears...I love him so much and am blessed to have him as my husband...
Happy Birthday Darryl!
I love you...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Life changes

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"
                                                                                        -Helen Keller

Boy, I have sat down to write another blog post several times only to just put it away...put my life away for now and forget....I have had such a range of emotion this last couple of weeks and it's hard to contain into one simple journal entry.....

I'm pregnant...there...I've said it and written it down....

First, I went through a series of fear-paralyzing fear that crippled me, depressed me, and cause me to not only not be able to take care of my family but fear of my own thoughts and how they would possibly manifest see, this was planned...we tried to get pregnant.  But, something happens to me when I get pregnant-I am gripped by the fear of change.  I could pack up tomorrow and move to Alaska with my family-no fear...My husband could lose his job, we lose this home and move into a trailer somewhere-no fear...I love a new adventure-I thrive on new experiences(which is probably why we move so much)...but this...this is where Satan knows he can get me....I feel like I'm attacked by Satan.  My friend Elise said it right, she said that it's like Satan is throwing arrows at you and you have your arms wide open...she's right...
I have no joy, absolutely zero, in this situation..and it's happened before so I know it will happen..but still...

Then, I though we were going to miscarry.  The midwife was not optimistic in my hcg levels.  She had prepared me for the worst and I had to accept it.  So, again on the roller coaster of emotion-how do I feel about this?  Would we try again?  I was sad at the thought of not having the baby(even though days before I was sad at the thought of having the baby)'s like you want something only when you can't have it, know what I mean?  So, I had resolved(in my mind) how this was a good thing..our lives would go back to normal..everything would be fine..we would discuss whether I could go through this again when the time came...

Then, I had another doctors appointment.  The midwife wanted to do another ultrasound.  She felt like we would have our definite answer by then.  We could do what was necessary with the information we would get...if there was no growth in the sac..we knew I would miscarry.  She said if we were lucky we'd see a fetal pole and maybe the baby would be o.k.....well, we not only saw the fetal pole but the heartbeat.  The midwife rejoiced and said it was a miracle! 

Back onto the roller coaster.....Here I had went in preparing myself for the fact that I'm going to miscarry and she's rejoicing in the miracle of the baby's heartbeat.  She said everything was fine, gave me a due date and sent me on my way....and the emotions began AGAIN...
Fear, sadness, lonelieness, anger, was all their again...

I knew people were praying for me...I know a lot of people are praying for me and I thank you.  I feel those prayers, I really do...

We still haven't told the boys(which is wierd because here I am sharing this news with the world yet haven't shared it with my two precious boys) There are reasons for that...first, I need to journal this...I need to get this down on print so that I can always remember these moments..and second, that fear, that fear is the reason I don't tell the boys I have to wait until I'm o.k. with saying it before I can tell the boys(although I think they already have an idea-Matthew found my ultrasound picture the other day)...We plan to tell them after my next appointment just to make sure everything is o.k.(and to make sure their is only 1 baby in there..if not...well, I'll need some time to get over that hump)...

I know some folks probably think I'm ungrateful.  I know I feel like I'm *spitting* in God's face for even thinking these things.  The Bible clearly states children are a blessing from the Lord...yet, I felt I was being punished...God knows me...he knows how I get in this situation..why would he do this to me?  Even though we tried I felt like he knew I would freak out, why would he choose to bless me instead of someone else that is struggling with infertility?  These are questions I may never know the answer to...but, I do know this..before this baby was even concieved I felt God telling me that a baby needed to come into this world ...I know it sounds wierd but it's true..I felt it several times...Maybe that's why there is such a struggle..maybe Satan doesn't want this baby in the world for whatever reason..I don't know...

In my prayer time this morning, I felt God speaking to me and saying that this baby would help to unite our family once again...I hope so..that would be such a wonderful gift.

(And please-if you don't know me personally and you are reading this post, please don't feel the need to post a negative comment regarding this....These are *MY* feelings on *MY* blog and if you don't agree with them-as I'm sure most people will not-I'm a basket case of emotions lately-then don't respond or read my blog)..I recorded this so I could look back on this and see how I was feeling NOW-I hope and pray daily that I will rejoice in this blessing and have happiness and joy once again...Also, please know that I do view all children as a blessing and gift from God-I really boys are the biggest joy I've ever experienced in my life...unfortunately, my fear right now is overshadowing the joy of this...I hope and pray it is reversed soon..)  And if your curious how my other half is feeling...he is elated, over the moon, excited...He is my rock during this time and I have leaned on him for support and encouragement.  His excitement is contagious(a little bit) as he shares with me how excited and blessed he feels to get to be a daddy again...

Also, if you are the praying type...I would appreciate your prayers...

Let the adventure begin...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'll be back...

I just need a bit longer to get myself together again...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Decisions have been made!

For Halloween that is!

Nicholas will be a werewolf...

Matthew will be a rodeo clown...

Off to get supplies and hit the thrift stores!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Art class

This is one of my favorite classes of the!!
The boys love to create and they always ask me to draw and paint with them.  Nicholas tells everyone I'm an artist(I'm not!!) but in his eyes I am..which I think is so sweet.
We did the color wheel and then they drew hot air balloons and incorporated all the colors on their color wheel.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Today…

Outside my window... Oh's so nice and cool out..I've been actually having to discipline myself to come in from the porch rocking chair most mornings lately.

I am thinking....about a handmade Christmas and lists I need to make and supplies I need to get to make all the things I'd like to make.

I am wearing...a gray t-shirt and pink skirt

I am remembering...the great time I had with my brothers a couple of weeks ago...

I am piano practice,the library(my favorite place) and baseball tonight

I am hoping....that Matthew decides soon what he wants to be for Halloween..I have to get started creating!

From the learning rooms…still learing about the Native Americans and how they were persecuted...I love the stories with Sonlight curriculum-it really puts a face and a story to the history of our nation.

Noticing that... my home is starting to feel really cozy and warm-I hope guests feel that way!

Pondering these words...Oh gosh...we had  such a wonderful Bible study this weekend and we are reading a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  He said something in the book I've never thought about but have now thought about constantly(especially in my prayer time)...he asked what would you do if you knew God was in the next room?  How would you approach him?  What would you say?
I never really thought about that before he said that...I think sometimes I become to *casual* in my prayer time, but if I knew God was physically standing there and I had to approach him, I would certainly be more reverent, respectful and humble..that's for sure!   So, I've been using that image in my mind when I have my prayer time and it's really changed how I pray to him..

From the kitchen…Lentil tacos with spanish rice for dinner

Around the house...We got our new sofa and chairs and I love them!  They are so cozy and comfy!!

One of my favorite things:  My coffee cup made at Meg Art with the boys handprints.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   We are going to get some bushes for the front of the house and I'm hoping to order some fruit and fig trees to get started on our little orchard-I figure if I plant a couple of trees each fall in a couple of years we'll have a nice fruit orchard.

From my picture journal...
This is the type of chicken coop I'd like Darryl to build me..isn't it cute?!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

A clean and green bathroom...

I've been using environmentally friendly and frugal cleaning products for years.  They work just as good as their chemically laden counterparts and are not only much better for the environment but so much cheaper.
My bathroom cleaning essentials are:
Hot vinegar(warmed in the microwave) in a spray bottle.  This works great for the toilet and the boy's fiberglass shower/tub combo.  I sometimes put in some tea tree or lavender essential oils for a good fragrance and extra anti-bacterial help.  For the floor of the tub I make a paste of baking soda and peppermint castile soap.  This works great and smells fresh and clean.  I keep my baking soda in a parmesean shaker and it works great!
I also use baking soda and vinegar for inside the toilet.  This bubbles like crazy(remember the volcano project from school?  Same thing...let sit for 15 min...swish and rinse...
For the sink, I use the same baking soda/castille soap paste and scrub all the hard water (and toothpaste) off and it works great.  Then I use white washclothes and rubbing alcohol to shine the faucet handles and faucet.
I also make my own windex using about 1/4 a cup of ammonia(not the most enviromentally friendly but it works really well)-you can use vinegar but I still like the ammonia.  Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water and just a couple of drops of castille soap.  It works great!  This is used for cleaning the mirror.
Lastly, I use a steam mop to clean the floors.  It uses no chemicals but the steam cleans and sanitizes the floors. 
Then, I look back and admire my work!  Clean, green and frugal!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A special gift

My sweet Matthew noticed the start of the leaves changing while we were doing school on Friday.  He knows that this is my favorite season and I squeal with joy when I see the leaves starting to change.  Now, this leave was at the very tippy top of a very tall and skinny tree.  He kept saying he wanted to go get it for me but I said, while I was super thankful, it wasn't safe to go that high....
Well, he had it set in his mind he wanted to get that leaf for me so later after school he climbed to the tippy top(while I held my breath and prayed he didn't fall) to get me that leaf....
He was so happy to get it for me and my heart melted...

Friday, September 10, 2010

This Weekend

I love the fair!!!!!!
There are so many things I want to see this year!  There are old tyme barnyard demonstrations.  There are the farm animals the craft projects.  There are the blue ribbon veggies....but mostly I'm excited to see the boy's entries with their ribbons.  I'm so proud of them and excited too!  I've never entered anything-ever!
So, it was exciting this year to get things ready with the boys.  Next year, I'm hoping to enter myself.  I'd like to enter the sewing, veggie, and knitting catagories..but for now I'll just admire other's creations!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For Today…

Outside my window... It is cool out this morning but will heat up to around 90 again today.  Sitting on the porch this morning I saw mist around the tops of the trees and it was misty down the was beautiful!

I am grateful I am to be forgiven..

I am top, skirt with green flowers and my hair is down...and barefoot of course!

I am just a year ago we were getting ready to move and had no idea what the next year would bring.  We had sold our home so quickly, we just had to move and then plan later...Last night, Darryl and I walked down the driveaway after the boys were asleep and looked at the property and house and still couldn't believe it is ours..

I am going...piano lessons for the boys, pick up pictures for their photography entries into the fair and a baseball game tonight.

I am hoping....that the boys will be diligent in their schoolwork today-we've had some bumps in the road getting back into the swing of things.

From the learning rooms…Normal Core subjects plus Latin and piano today...we are also really enjoying learning about the Native Americans and how their lives were affected by the settlers.  It's really quite sad and gives me a new perspective on the subject.  I'm excited to learn more about it with the boys.

Noticing that... even thought the days are quite warm still, the nights have gotten cool.  We even had the windows open this weekend and it was quite chilly in the house by morning.

I am reading...Pillars of the Earth (a book my friend Elise let me borrow it's really good!)

Pondering these words...all of Proverbs 31- I will be pondering and meditating on these words for awhile..

From the kitchen…Tuna casserole for dinner, watermelon for dessert (dinners are quick and easy on baseball nights)

Around the house...I ordered some new bedding for us and the boys last night.  I'm so excited to get that.  I also bought an awesome tobacco basket this weekend at the Depot-we hung it last night.  I've also gotten out the fall decorations and candles.

One of my favorite things:   fall scented candles(Apple Cinamon, Banana Bread,etc...)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  We have to drop off our fair items tomorrow.  We have another baseball game later in the week and we also have some guests coming this weekend-yeah!

From my picture journal...

A new sign waiting to be hung on the front porch-isn't it cute?!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Makin' vanilla

I made a large amount of homemade vanilla last week.  I've made it before but in small quantities.  Now, I've made a gallon and hope to have vanilla for a long time plus give some away in pretty bottles as gifts.  Real vanilla extract is so much better than imitation and if you need another reason to not use imitation, read this link:
She also has a recipe on her site for how to make the extract.  It's super easy!

First you split the beans almost to the top like this....

I had an Ikea jar that was about 1/2 a gallon so I used 40 beans per jar.

Then you fill the jar with a 1.75 liter of Vodka.

Then you place the jars in a dark place like the back of a cabinet or pantry for about 6 months.
After six months, you strain the beans and put the vanilla in jars to use.  It will keep indefinitely!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall baseball

The boys had their first kid pitch game last night for fall baseball.  They have moved up from coach pitch to 9/10 kid pitch even though they are only 8.  We were all excited to see how it was going to go...
I took a picture of the boys in their uniforms before they got dirty..I know they will never look this good again...

If you look closely, you'll see Nic as catcher and Matthew on 3rd base...
just like Rolfe and Randy...
I think not!

He's so cute!!  He got the first out of the game with a ball that flew up over his head and he caught it!

Prayers after the game...

They won!  It was a great first game and we celebrated with friends at none other that our local