Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry their hasn't been any pictures lately.  My laptop is on the fritz and I don't have pictures saved on our desktop, so after I order the part necessary to fix the laptop-I'll be updating with pictures.

I'm feeling a bit better lately.  I'm S..L..O..W..L..Y..coming to what I would call acceptance.  I'm definetely better than where I was.  I still get emotional about it and do cry, but those instances are fewer and farer between.  Seeing little one waving around last Friday made Darryl elated...he was beaming the entire afternoon.  Yes, I had another that's 5 so far...yes, I'm crazy...but I had to make sure again that their was only one.  I was scared one was hiding from me! 

I haven't gained any weight yet but my belly is starting to poke out.  Thankfully, I still fit comfortably in my non-maternity clothes and hope to stay that way for a couple more months-we'll see how big the tummy gets...

I'm busy preparing for Thanksgiving.  Lists, shopping, baking-I love it!!

I've also begun some Christmas crafting.  I've started the sock monkeys for the boys, cut out the material for their Christmas pajammies and I'm also making them matching pillowcases.  I've also started crafting for some other people.  I've made something new this Christmas that I think is really cute. 

As far as the holiday's begun as far as I'm concerned-it became official when I purchased eggnog yesterday...I couldn't was calling my name..I had to do it...and it was organic...
Is it bad that when we got home from the grocery store, I sent the boys upstairs for some quiet time so I could enjoy the egg nog alone?    Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an egg nog hoarder....

Anyway, the boys have a piano recital this weekend, then I'm hoping we can go create some Christmas ornaments together.  We may do something at home this year-while I love going to the pottery place, it does get pretty expensive and I'd like to bring them there for something else this Christmas season.

So, that's pretty much what's going on here.  I'm hanging on......with my egg nog...


  1. haha. thats funny, i drank all of our egg nog before anyone else had any! I love it, its just like a dessert!

    Its Rolfe, i dont know how to post a comment besides being anonymous

  2. I believe we are cut from the same cloth, Rolfe
    Can't wait to see you guys!
    Finish that application to App already!

  3. My mom just bought "sugar cookie egg nof" and it was AMAZING. It didnt taste like egg nog but it was great. Trust me, i cant wait either, its going to be the best part of our Christmas!
    Its done, just need to submit it before December 1. I havent forgot about it

  4. Tanya - you are too funny! I just bought some last night and enjoyed my first glass alone too! We have to get together over the holidays - so glad you have family coming for a visit - that is wonderful :)

    Love ya,