Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Yippee!! I'm back!! I found a card recovery program online and it recovered all lost pictures for $39bucks!
Well worth the money for those pictures, I'll tell had all of Christmas and the boys birthday pics...I'm so, so, so grateful that I was able to get those back.
Anyway, here I am(a couple of weeks ago) in all my pregnant glory!  My belly is growing much larger now but I feel great.  Can't wait to start posting again with pictures and get back to blogging.  As far as the pregnancy goes, I only have 9 weeks left(providing I go to 40 weeks) so it's countdown time!  Darryl set up the crib this weekend and we hit Ikea for some bed linens for baby.  I'm not one for traditional cutesy characters for babies so we chose very simple, solid color linens, a white bumper, and cute multi-colored blanket for a splash of color..I like it..simple, clean and uncluttered.  Baby will be in the room with us so we haven't decorated a nursery at all.  We've started to buy some diapers too(gotta love Amazon deals) and some clothes.  We haven't picked a definite name yet(although I've pretty much decided)...but we'll see!
Anyway, I'll be back for more posts and lots more so check back often!

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