Friday, June 17, 2011


We sold our camper yesterday.  It was so bittersweet...I did start to cry as they drove away and I could see that Darryl was almost in tears as well.  We had so many wonderful memories in that camper.  So many great trips and experiences I'll never forget.  We loved how cozy it was, we loved that we could just all be together in the woods, on a river, or by the sea...We love, love, love being out in nature.  My favorite trips were in the mountains by the river.  We would do nothing all week but swim, fish, eat, campfire and the boys would sometimes watch a movie at night while Darryl and I would sit by the campfire and talk under the was so awesome.
However, we hated the setup and teardown of the's quite a bit of work....
We also haven't used the popup in almost a year...could be because our property looks like a campground and our desire to go camping has greatly diminished since we can just go outside and build a campfire and sit under the stars.  Our property really is quite beautiful and we are blessed...
Darryl assured me if we wanted another camper, we could just buy one(although it would be a travel trailer-we are so done with the setup!)
Bye-bye provided us with so many good memories!
Another chapter closed..can't wait to see what the next chapter brings!

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