Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nicholas and Matthew's 10th Birthday Party

The boys turned 10 a couple of weeks ago...ugghh..the time goes by way too fast.  I really wanted to make their birthday special this year, being that they turned double digits and all...
So, we had a spy themed birthday party!
We invited some of their friends to come and join us and had 9 boys celebrating with us and 4 spend the night. 

First, the boys had to get a code name for their spy adventures.  I had two bags with different names and they each picked a name from each bag.
Matthew picked Black Rattler
Nicholas was Slick Lightning
They all loved their names and I made name tags that had their real name, code name and special spy skill-
Then we headed outside for a spy themed scavenger hunt.

Of course, spy training wouldn't be complete without disguises...

The scavenger hunt was a challenge for the boys and I separated them into two teams.  There were prizes for both teams.  First place got a box of candy, a huge magnifying glass and a spy fingerprint kit.  Second place got the box of candy and spy kit.
The boys exclaimed this was the best birthday party ever~

We then played an observation game.  I took random objects and set them on the table.  I then had the boys close their eyes and I would take objects away and they had to write down what I took away.  We did it elimination style-I started with one object and progressively moved to more objects..it was hard!

Slick Lightning...

Black Rattler...

Even Peanut had a good time!

We played a couple more games and then had a taco bar for dinner and then ice cream sundaes for dessert(the boys don't like cake).  We had every topping imaginable and the boys all had their fill!
We then watched Spy Kids-the movie...

It was a great party and the boys all had a great time!
Happy 10th Birthday my sweet boys!

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