Saturday, January 14, 2012

An exciting field trip...

On Friday we headed on down to South Carolina with some friends to a meet and greet with Rick Santorum.  We had a great spot and were right in front when he came out and gave a short speech.  He then worked the crowd and came over and asked us if we'd like to take a picture with him and his lovely wife...

Well...of course we'd love to take a picture.  His wife was so gracious and commented on our families and how sweet we were and to keep up with the was really encouraging..
(They homeschool their 7 children as well!)

But then....oh..then I spotted them...THE DUGGARS!!!
While Rick was giving his speech, I happened to turn around a spotted the Duggars.  I was so excited!
After we took pictures, we all ran into the restaurant to find them.
Michelle spotted us right away.  How could she not?  A couple of moms and a gaggle of kids...I'm sure she knew we were there to meet her.
She was so gracious and kind.  She hugged me several times and kept telling me how sweet and precious my family is...
We shared how encouraging she is to us and how we all look up to her so much!

They were traveling with some of the older kids.  She said that the younger ones had to stay home because of piano and violin.


We all had so much fun!  Matthew shook the Senator's hand and was so excited about it.  He was very charasmatic, but believable, know what I mean?  It will be interesting to see how he does in South Carolina next week...I'll be watching!  It was such a positive experience and I was soooo excited to meet Michelle.  She has influenced me so much and it was such an honor to meet her. 
Fun homeschooling outing!!

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  1. I'm jealous that you met the Duggars! How cool is that?!