Friday, April 13, 2012

Busy bee...

I've been a  busy bee today getting ready for Pascha.  First, I gave the refridgerator a nice deep clean to make room for all the special treats we've been waiting for all of Lent! 

I then made these for the morning after church:

I figured we'd be a bit tired from being in church all night and I love the glazed crosses.  They smell heavenly!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to the annual Plant and Herb festival (which I love!) at the Farmers Market.
This farm:
has a wonderful pastured raised pork ham on hold for us.  I'll then peruse the farmers market for some other yummy local veggies to have on our Pascha dinner on Sunday afternoon. 
We'll also be having eggs(which I boiled today) from our farm made up into yummy angel eggs( I don't like to call them the other name) and I've already made a pound cake for dessert.  I figured we'd top it with some local strawberries and raw milk whipped cream...Oh!  I can't wait!!

We're almost there! 

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