Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 The boys 4H Presentations were good.  Nicholas did a presentation on How To Build A Birdhouse(in which he built a beautiful birdhouse).  Matthew's presentation was on electromagnets.  He made a small electromagnet for a demonstration.

Now, the boys have played baseball in front of a lot of people, they have even played piano in front of a crowd, but they have never done a speech in front of anyone...particularly a room full of adults judging them.
Needless to say, they were very scared.

They both were very nervous and you could tell through their presentations.  They both spoke to quickly and had a hard time making eye contact....but...they did great!!!  We are so proud of them and know it is soooo hard to get up in front of people.  
They both won the blue ribbon in their division, so they have been invited to participate in the district competition.  We did require that they participate in the county level, but were o.k. if they stopped there.  The district competition interfered with a vacation we planned, but they both expressed so much interest in continuing on that we have moved the vacation so they can participate.  They have been revising their presentations and have been practicing, so I feel they will do well.  Even if they don't we are so proud of their effort!

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