Wednesday, September 18, 2013

School Days

 So far, our school days have been fairly smooth.  The boys have matured so much and are more diligent and serious when they need to be during school hours.  We have to gently remind them at times, but so far, so good.  Joey loves to sit at the table with them and *do school*.  He loves puzzles and is quite good at them for his age.
 We have had some success with curriculum and have had to revise others.  I just purchased a new Word Roots curriculum.  I'm hoping it will be better than the other I originally began to use with the boys.
 We are also studying Ancient Greece.  It's fascinating but the names are quite a challenge!  The boys have to give a presentation each Friday of a Famous Man of Greece.  They love the competition to see whom is the most creative.
 I'm  not sure I'm liking the items from Memoria Press I purchased. It borders on feeling like busy work.  I don't agree at all with having children do busy work and feel it is a waste of time as well as kills any joy in learning.  Will continue with those a bit and I'll reassess during Christmas Break.
 I'm going a little crazy with the art this year.  Oh, how I love art and literature.  I just ordered a couple of books on Waldorf watercolor painting and we'll be starting those as soon as we finish some lovely autumn projects I have lined up. 
We are all LOVING reading The Hobbit and the boys beg for more and more each read aloud time.  It's a favorite time of day.
I've added in copy work this year the co insides with our Gospel reading for church.  I think it's really helping the boys become more connected with the church service and Father's sermons.
 We've also started some really neat projects for Religion studies.  I'll update when we are finished with our latest project.
Overall, a good year so far.  We did take two weeks off recently for vacation.  I don't think we'll do that again.  It's been too hard to get started back up again after only going for 3 weeks. 

Here are the boys working hard.

Joey's working hard too!

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