Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We had a little garden birthday party for Juliana on Saturday.
My mom and sister came up from Florida and
 Juliana's soon-to-be godparents came too!
We also had some other friends come to celebrate the day as well.
The weather was absolutely perfect to enjoy an outdoor party.
We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids as well as large fruit platters and chips.
For the adults, I made a large salad with all the extra fixings as well as some yummy bean burgers.
We also had chocolate cupcakes.  They were gluten and dairy free.  They actually were really good!
A bit crumbly, but good!
Such a lovely day to celebrate the birthday of our sweet baby girl.
I'm so grateful that special people in her life could come a celebrate with us.
The party girl's seat all ready to go!

I made this cute birthday hat for her to wear.

"I'm ready for my party!"

Nana and the birthday girl.

These two...inseparable.

My other Juliana. (future-daughter-in law)

"Ready for my first ever cupcake!"


"Try some dada!"

Future godmother with our sweets.
We have been so blessed by this family.

Present time!

It was such a wonderful day.  Memories were made and will be treasured always.

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