Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day

 We have been so busy since the holidays, my poor little blog has suffered.  I'm determined to continue blogging, as my kids love to look through the blog books I've made and recall all the great memories we've had.

So, onward!
Saint Patrick's Day was full of fun and mayhem!
The day before was a beautiful, warm day and Joseph thought it would be great fun to get his net and try and catch a leprechaun in the woods.
He wasn't successful, but he had so much fun exploring.

That afternoon, the boys helped him construct a trap to try and catch that sneaky leprechaun.
They thought they would go hi-tech this year and try and capture the leprechaun on camera with their computers....but alas, that leprechaun is not only full of trickery, he's pretty smart too.  He closed their computers and then played lots of tricks on them, but of course leaving some treats as well.

 That silly leprechaun loves to leave his dirty green footprints all over the house!

The pot of chocolate gold at the end of an M&M rainbow trail he devised.

That silly leprechaun drew a clover on Joseph while he slept...he's so silly!

Green almond milk, no thanks..

 Green pee-pee...oh my!

After breakfast, we learned all about St. Patrick and colored picture icons of the saint.

We then headed to the library for a special storytime.  They had fun stories for the kids, snacks (all green of course), and crafts.

Then, we came home to a special lunch. Tea sandwiches and rainbow fruit skewers.
The kids loved these!

We rounded out the fun with A Veggie Tales video on St. Patrick and Clifford St. Patrick's Day special.  We all had a great day (even the big kids!)

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