Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick update

Darryl is dropping off the laptop today to get fixed(hopefully).  If it's too much then unfortunately, we'll have to suck it up and by another one.  I can't stand not being able to post pictures and I hate to get behind on uploading pictures to Snapfish because then I have like 500 pictures at a time! 

Last night was the first night in over two weeks that I didn't have bad dreams.  My dreams were still vivid and crazy, but not scary and bad.  I was so thankful, I woke up around 3:30(to go potty of course) and thanked God for helping me sleep better. 

I'm having a hard time with church...AGAIN...I had a major issue with one priest at a parish I thought for sure would be a fit.  I know, I know they are human, but the comment he made to me just really solidified the fact that I did not, under any circumstances, bring my family to his church...so off I trek to find another parish.  I emailed the priest about confession hours because frankly, I wanted to go to confession before taking communion...and he basically blew me off.  In a nutshell, he told me it was useless to hear my confession if I wasn't an *active* (meaning tithing in my mind) member of his parish.  Why wouldn't he see me for confession?  Why wouldn't he try to get to know me so that I could become an active member?  His email was very rude and when I emailed him back asking what I could do to become active..well,...he never emailed me back...I know I can be sensitive during this time but I had Darryl read them and he felt the same way.  Darryl can be very objective and give the benefit of the doubt, but he even felt that the email was cold and rude....so here we are again...pray for me if you feel inclined.  I'm at a crazy crossroad again and really have no more options unless we drive over an hour to church(which I know that Darryl would not be o.k. with)..this is his decision too....I believe I know where he feels most comfortable but I keep going back to what I believe is the truth...I'm sick of it to be honest and I just want to be at peace with it all....

On a different note, I read the most wonderful quote on a blog the other day and I've been meditating on it for several days:

Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.

I like it, I see relevance it in regarding so many areas of my life right now...I think this will be my motto for 2011...
We are closing in on our deadline to be debt free!!  I just sent another huge check to the student loans and I asked Darryl last night what he thought the balance was..he was over by $1000!.  We were both so excited on how close we are and I think if I'm super diligent this month, we'll make it!  Please pray that no incedentals come up that would hinder us paying this off...I'd really appreciate it!
Baby is kickin' and kickin'...I go for another doctor's appointment next week.  We haven't talked about names yet but I have one in mind that just seems to stick every time I think about it but we'll have to see what Darryl thinks.
That's it for now...Oh!  Congrats to my brother for getting accepted to two colleges so far!  I'm so proud of him! 

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