Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sadly..still no laptop

I just had a rare and lovely nap so I'm feelin' up to giving an update!

I'll spare the long story and drama that has played out with our laptop but there is a silver lining, I believe.
Long story short, the man Darryl hired to fix our laptop dropped it, broke it and then called us with an astronomical price to fix the computer because he figured(we believe) that we would just agree that the laptop wasn't worth that and we'd just buy another new one. (Darryl had told him beforehand if the cost was alot to fix we just wouldn't do it so we believe he took that information and used it to his advantage).  Well, Darryl found someone else to fix the laptop and when he went to pick it up the laptop was completely torn apart and broken.  We, unfortunately couldn't prove what he did and he was out on a bike ride when Darryl showed up(his wife was there and called him on his cell) and he wouldn't come home to address the situation and left his wife to deal with it(I'm so glad my husband isn't dishonest like that)...Anyway, the new computer guy has put our laptop back together but is still working on has only cost us $35 so far so I'm grateful we went with the new guy...

So, hopefully we are well on our way to a fixed(albeit not pretty it's all banged up from being dropped) laptop.

We are having a good week, a bit stressed due to Darryl's work schedule and It wouldn't be right if I didn't express how bad of a wife I was yesterday.  I was just so frustrated with the last two months and his work schedule.  Thankfully, he is such an understanding and forgiving husband and after I got out my anger we reconciled quickly. 

We were blessed with a free piano..did I post that? Oh my gosh, how could I forget! 
I've been searching for a good, inexpensive piano for the boys so that we could do our lessons here at home when baby comes.  Well, I've been searching for months!  I found a beautiful piano in great shape on Craigslist and it was free!  The owner and I had a wonderful conversation on the phone and he decided to not only hold it for me but offered to help deliver it and bring it in!!!  It's perfect!  After I get the laptop fixed I'll take a picture and post the boys enjoying their new piano!

Baby is still rockin' and rollin' in my tummy.  He's been busy at night...
I've started making him a baby blanket and just finished converting a pair of old jeans into maternity pants...So, easy-there is noooo reason to spend oodles of money on maternity clothes...

We ordered seeds on Monday night and it was so fun picking out all the different veggies.  We bought purple cauliflower!  I'm so excited to see how those will taste and turn out. 

The weather is beyond awesome the last couple of days...I've been sneaking outside while the boys finish lessons just to soak up the sun!   I'll be so happy when it's warm enough to sit on the front porch again.  I love to sit there with a cup of coffee in the mornings during my quiet/prayer time before the boys wake up.
God has been so good to me lately...or I should say God has always been good to me I've just failed to notice his blessings from time to time.  As I wade through this uncertain time of figuring out where I belong, he's been right there.  It has been a long struggle for me and I'm not going to make this decision lightly.  I feel like the last couple of months my relationship with God has suffered in my attempt to follow a different path...I'll share about that later when I feel led to do so...but rest assured..he has welcomed me back and assured me he's always been there....

Many blessings to you and your family today!

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