Monday, May 2, 2011

Dinner date

Darryl and I got a special treat on Thursday together.  We got to go on a dinner date!  We rarely go out on dates because we don't have family that lives nearby to watch the children(although that will be changing-yeah!).  Since we don't ever have a sitter that I feel comfortable watching our children, we never go out.
In fact, this is only the 2nd time in about almost 3 years we've been on a date and the last one was just a couple of months ago when a good friend took pity on us and insisted we go out (-:
So, this past Thursday, Darryl had a business dinner to attend to and usually he goes alone.  In fact, some of his customers thought I wasn't real and didn't believe he was really married because I'm never at these functions(of course they were joking).  Most of these people always bring their wives because most of them are empty nesters already.  Darryl seems to be the youngest usually...  Anyway, I got to go on Thursday and it was such a treat!
We went to Sullivan's in Charlotte and were treated to a lovely dinner.  We had oysters Rockefeller and calamari for appetizers.  Then I had a beautiful filet with crab on top, creamed spinach and horseradish mashed potatoes...yummm!  
Then we had banana foster and peanut butter pie for dessert.  It was so good!
I, of course, didn't get to partake in all the wines that were presented but they looked lovely as well.
It was a L..O..N..G.. dinner but it was so nice to be out with him and he was so glad I got to come because he always says he wishes I could be there with him.
Hopefully, we won't have to wait so long to go out again-it was much needed and I felt so special!

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  1. Hi Tanya! It's great to hear from you! You look amazing! Congratulations on your sweet bundle!