Sunday, May 22, 2011

Me, my mama, and my newest blessing...

My mama and my sister, Tracey(she's not my sister by blood, but she's still my sister) came for a short visit to see our Joseph.  What a blessing for them to be here with us and get to know their newest family member.
If you have family that lives near by, count your blessings.  It is so sad for me when my family leaves, it truely breaks my heart and I feel for my children who don't get to spend much time with their relatives.  I'm praying for family to move here and it may becoming a reality, but I'm so scared to get my hopes up(as well as my children's hopes as well).  We will find out more on Tuesday, so until then I will be in prayer.
God knows my heart and desires and while I'm aware that God doesn't take orders, I know he knows my heart and the heart of my children, so I pray my requests are heard, but I do know that if they are not answered in the way I want, God is still good and he knows what is best for me.
So, until then I will cherish these short, but sweet moments when our family reunites...and all is good..

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