Thursday, July 14, 2011

A business venture

We had a yard sale this past Saturday at a friends' house.  Matthew decided he would like to try and earn some money so we suggested he sell muffins and coffee.  We thought this would be a great homeschooling/life lesson.   We went to the store and he compared prices of products.  He purchased all of the items with his own money and then came home and we tallied what he spent, what his goal was, and what he could profit after his expenses if he sold everything.
He made everything himself(with a little help from mama)

I love the poster he made.  He made a breakfast special and everything!
He did very well and some folks just gave him money and didn't take any coffee or muffins.
A couple hours in though and he was ready to be done and play with his friends.  He started just giving the muffins and brownies away by the end but he learned alot and had a lot of fun. It seemed to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit in him!

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