Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I've been up to lately...

A whole lotta  this!

This little one loves to be held constantly and I'm so thankful for the Toby wrap!
(My friend, Heather named my wrap the Toby wrap because it's a homemade(by me) Moby style wrap)

Some of this...

The garden isn't as big as I had envisioned due to our newest blessing, but we still have 3 beds and everything is started to progress nicely(except for the eggplant)..

Not enough of this...

I've been able to steal a few moments here and there to sew but it hasn't been much.  I was able to whip this little summer top up but it took three weeks!  Only sewing 5 minutes here and there makes for a very long project, but I'm glad I did get those moments even if they are few.

(If you'd like to sew this, it's a tutorial on the SewMamaSew blog-it's the spring ruffle top)

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