Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fifth grade planning...

Oh my, we are getting into the big time here...5th grade!!  I can't believe my sweet babies will be in the 5th grade in the fall.  Homeschool planning has gotten WAY more serious.  I've been researching and planning for weeks(which I love..who am I kidding).  I'm trying very hard not to stress over curriculum choices, as well as the fact that the teaching is getting harder.  In the fall, the boys will have all the usual subjects, but we will be diving into more complex things like report writing, outlining, etc.  We also are going to learn Spanish as a family.  I've purchased all 5 levels of Rosetta Stone.  I'm also going to take one day a week we will replace their regular math with Economics.  They love learning about money, the stock market, entrepreneurs, etc. so we'll dive in with that.  They have learned so much this past year and have grown tremendously.  They have learned presentation skills through 4H that we have been very impressed with....I'm excited to move forward, but certainly fearful as well.  It's such a huge responsibility to keep this pace and more and move ahead academically.  I know God will guide me and give me the strength, wisdom, and clarity to teach them...I just have to get over the fear...to let go and let God....will you pray for us?

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