Friday, June 15, 2012

Peanut's first storytime at the library

We love the library in this house.  I have such wonderful memories of bringing the big boys to storytime when they were little(they still like to go sometimes..shhh..don't tell).  We would spend the morning at the library playing, reading, snuggling and then going into storytime for more stories and songs.  Well, now it's Peanut's turn!  It was such a joy to bring him yesterday and while whe did wander around a bit, we both had lots of giggles and smiles.

This is Lauren our amazing librarian.  We have been so blessed with such great library's and librarians.  In Huntersville, we had a wonderful librarian that loved the boys.  She was a hippy type who always wore long skirts and smelled of Patchouli.  She was so great with the kids and the boys loved her(and I did too-we were definitely kindrid spirits)
Lauren is the same(minus the patchouli and skirts)..but a great librarian and so sweet with the kids!

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