Friday, November 8, 2013


 This one has been bitten by the choo-choo bug.
It's contagious in our family. 
 The boys had it when they were young.
  But this one, he's got it BAD.
Everything is choo-choo.  Clouds in the sky are steam from the choo-choo.   Noises could be the choo-choo coming.  Screams of delight going over train tracks.   At nap time, I need to prop train books in his crib so that he can view the cover  before he falls asleep.
Everything is finished with saying, "All-aboard!"

Here his little peg people and Little People are watching his choo-choo's go round and round for 8+ hours.   Yes, yesterday and the day before he played with his new battery powered Thomas train for 8+ hours.  I've never seen a 2 year old sit that long with one activity, but this little Joe...he did. (:
He told me today he was going to be the conductor on a steam engine (in his own 2 year old way).
My sweet little Joe, the conductor.

He loves his choo-choos.

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  1. Our oldest was the same way. He could make this incredible train tracks at the age of two. He amazed us!