Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

 Well, another Halloween has come and gone.  I get so sad when holidays end.  The anticipation all month long and then it's over in a blink...kindof like life, no?  I do appreciate and savor these moments, because I see as the big boys grow, how fast it all goes...sniff...

Enough with the sappy stuff, let's get to happy things!

After a short school morning, which consisted of a bit of math, religion studies and writing class, we got together to read some spooky stories.
Then, I planned a special Halloween lunch.

 Isn't he cute? 
 I made carrots and cucumbers into a pumpkin with some homemade ranch dip for a nose.

 Found this idea online, so cute!
Banana ghosts with chocolate chip eyes.  The kids loved these!

I made these last year and they were a hit, so why not continue tradition.
Mummy pizzas with olive eyes.

Joey tried getting away with just eating the chocolate pieces...silly boy!

 Joey, as Carl from the movie, Up.

Nicholas was a mime this year.

Clark Kent in the house!

Sweet baby Juliana was a ghost.

We stopped in downtown Concord before we headed to trick-or-treat with friends.  
Some of these wonderful folks really make it special for the kids.  This house never disappoints with a large pirate ship in their front yard and pirate characters to talk with the children.
Joey was in awe!

 Nicholas, in character or a character...not sure which.

Joey looks so much like an old man here.  So many people loved his costume.

On to our friends the Michael's.  They lovingly opened their home up to all our friends.  We had such a great time trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and then visiting afterwards.  It's so much fun when you are with a big group.  
I'll admit I was a bit sad as the big boys left to go trick-or-treat with their friends and left us.  I guess we couldn't move fast enough for

It was a great Halloween this year~
I'm so thankful for the sweet memories.

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  1. What fun! Our kiddos dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi (half of which were homemade). I don't always blog about Halloween because I tend to get some negative comments. It is nice to see someone else who sees it for the fun holiday that it can be! :)