Monday, February 17, 2014

The Taste

 Last Friday, Nicholas and Matthew decided to have a cooking contest.  They kicked Darryl and I out of the kitchen to work their magic.  They were going to make everything.
So, Darryl and I went into the living room with the babies and enjoyed some Olympics while the boys cooked in the kitchen.  While, I usually am grateful for the help I'll be honest and say I was starting to worry as I saw the state of my kitchen.

Hard at work!

The finished result.  They both made a salad as well as an entree for us to judge.  So that means we both had to eat two entire salads and two entrees.  I love that they both put some presentation into it as well (and the glass of wine didn't hurt either). 

Both of the boys put such effort into their meals.  They were both so yummy it was hard to decide.
After dinner, they both made some wonderful homemade desserts.
Matthew made a citrus coconut bite size treat and Nicholas made raspberry tortes.
We are lucky parents, I'll tell you.
This was such a great treat!

And look at the kitchen!  Clean as a whistle.  They both helped each other clean up.  It made for such a wonderful evening.

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  1. Love it! Do they like to watch cooking shows? My daughter & I had a cupcake competition a few years back. Dad & the boys loved it. We've talked about doing an Iron Chef competition at some point too. Love the memory making!