Friday, February 28, 2014

 I can't believe I forgot to write about SNOWMAGGEDON 2014! 
Here in Charlotte, we tend to get a little snow storm once or twice a winter season, but it's only every couple of years that we get a really good one.
This year was the year!
We had about 10 inches here at the homestead.
I'll be honest and say we were a bit snowed out from the previous storm only a week before, but this storm was so pretty it got us all excited!
We all had a great time making a snowman, sledding and playing.
My favorite was sitting in the living room watching the snow fall through the window.  It was so beautiful watching the sweet little birds gather some food.

My silly boys thinking it's funny to run around barefoot in the snow.

Our humble snowman.
Two year old sized.

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