Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gosh, my boys look so big in these pictures.  
I really don't watch old home movies or really look at old pictures often. Truth be told, it's really because it makes me sad how fast time flies.  Looking at these pictures really gives me pause...they are growing up!

  How I love this life God had given us.
 How grateful am I that HE has entrusted me with these children, it is beyond my comprehension at times his love for me, truly.

But, I digress...

My sweet, growing boys gave their 4H presentations recently and did an AMAZING job.

Nicholas did his presentation on How to Become and Entrepreneur and Real Estate Mogul.
He did a wonderful job.  While he was a teeny bit too fast, he was very engaging and the judge loved his presentation.  He got 46 out of 49!  So, he will get to participate at the District level.
I'm so proud of all his hard work!

Matthew...oh boy... He was so nervous the day of this competition.  He cried and I could tell he was really stressed out.  His presentation had many elements including an experiment.

But, let me say, when he got out there, he blew me away!
The audience and the judges were all in shock and made many comments.
Truly, it was fantastic.
He received a 48 out of a possible 49, so he will get to compete at the district level as well.
Proud mama here!

Both boys competed in the talent portion as well.  Matthew received top honors and will compete in the district level talent show.  
We are so proud of both boys.  They worked so hard and it shows!

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