Monday, July 7, 2014

 Our small town has wonderful parades. 
 They hold one on the 4th of July and one at Christmas time.  Both are so fun for the kids.  What I didn't realize was how my Brooklyn raised-city lovin' mama would enjoy herself more than the kids!
In our town, the parade consists of local beauty queens, one dance school and lots of tractors and horses.  They also give candy...lot's of candy.
My mom was racing to get the candy faster than the kids could get it.  I don't think she realized, nor cared, that it was for the children.
She wanted those Tootsie Rolls and was determined to get them.
Oh my, did we have some laughs. 
Little Joe was having a ball collecting candy.

These two wanted to act cool, but they were just as excited as the little ones.

Sweets, well...just being sweet.

Why is Nicholas laughing?
Could it be that his Nana is in the middle of the road snatching candy?

And there she goes!

Yes, Juliana that is hilarious!

Happy 4th of July!

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