Wednesday, September 9, 2015

 First Day of School

Our First Day was August 24, 2015.
Two eighth graders, one preschooler and a spunky, sweet 2 year old tagging along.

Our little Joe started preschool!  Sweet, precious Joe is my special student~he just loves to learn.

We will be using All About Reading Pre-Reading to get him ready to learn how to read.
We are continuing with lots of songs, crafts and stories.
I've got lots of fun scheduled for him this year.
  Preschool is my absolute favorite time to homeschool.  I just love to watch those light bulb moments when he makes connections and realizes he is figuring things out.
He is such a joy to teach.
Joseph will be enjoying lots of field trips this year, storytime at the library and gymnastics twice a month with our local homeschool group.
I've learned over the years to really savor and enjoy this time.
To take it slow.
And, to say yes.

Nicholas and Matthew started 8th grade this year.
I pray this year was not like the last year.  To be honest, I really, really wanted to give up last year.
Battling two very strong-willed and difficult children, along with hormones thrown in the mix did not make for a pleasant year.  I pray this year we can work together more, smile more, play and goof off more, but also they can respect my authority, as well as the other teachers they have for online classes.  
Really, this is a daily struggle to find the joy.
Please pray for us.
I want to make this work, but it's really H.A.R.D.

Update:  A couple weeks in and it's going great!  The boys are excited and engaged in their learning.
We still have some not-so-great moments, but the good far exceeds the bad.

Gosh, I just love these boys to pieces!

Little Joe working on his letters.

Sweets joining in on the learning fun!

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