Wednesday, August 19, 2015

 It feels so good to be home!
The garden flourished for the most part despite our lack of rain.  I've come to the conclusion however, I will only grow things that I love and that I have success with.  
I fail every year with squash and corn.  
Every year, my squash grow beautifully, I harvest some zucchini and then they succumb to those nasty squash borer beetles...every.stinkin.year.
I have never been successful growing corn either.  
It seems a no brainer as we pass by corn fields by the dozen on the way home.  But for some reason, my heirloom corn varieties never take in my garden.
So, I've resolved to stick with flowers, herbs, tomatoes and peppers.
  I have been overjoyed at walking out to my zinnia patch and sunflowers this year.  I even had a large bunch of lavender to harvest.  That makes me so happy!  Why not grow what makes me happy?
Fortunately, we are not in times where we must grow all of our food.  Then, I would have to really buckle down and figure all of this out...but for now, I'll enjoy *my* harvest and purchase the remainder at the farmers market.

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