Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Computer still not fixed...

My laptop still isn't fixed.  It's no one's fault.  Darryl was going to try and get the computer guy at work to help us with it but apparantly Darryl is still waiting for his work laptop to be repaired...(ahheemm...for 6 months now), while I'd be grateful for the free help, I can not wait 6+ months to get my laptop fixed.  So, Darryl is going to try and bring it somewhere this week to get repaired.  Hopefully, it won't be too much because we had an unexpected car repair yesterday to the tune of $300+ dollars. 

On the plus side, we are still chugging away at paying off that last student loan and I'm still hopeful that we will do it by the end of February.  Darryl cashed in some points on the his credit card and we got a $500 check, so off that went to debt.  And he also recieved another bonus this month, so off that went to debt.  We are SOOOO close now...I am still in shock of how the Lord has provided for us financially to be able to knock this out so quickly.  I know I sometimes take for granted how blessed we are in that area and how I hope/pray that we will never be in debt again.  We have had some wonderful conversations with the boys on debt and they are both adament about paying cash for college.  We've already explored ways to do that and how we plan to give them a head start.  Fortunately, their 529 plans are bouncing back from the huge  drop they took, so we hope to give them a good start.

Darryl and I went out on a date last Friday night.  We had a friend watch the boys and they had a wonderful time playing with their kids.  I'm so thankful for these new friends we have made and hope to deepen our friendship and watch it grow!  We had a wonderful time together and so enjoy laughing and having fun together!

Baby boy is still movin' and shakin' a ton..he's going to be active!  I'm really starting to embrace this gift, because it truely is a gift and even though it's taken me this long to see it, I do and I'm grateful.  Darryl has been writing me wonderful notes in the morning about me and the baby and how he is so happy.  He is such a great husband and father...I'm so blessed...

That's it for now, hopefully the computer will be fixed this weekend and I can finally upload some pictures!!

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  1. We recently bought a laptop for school at Best Buy. We paid around $350. It works well and was cheap. Didn't know if you knew how cheap they are now.