Friday, August 5, 2011

Hickory Nut Homestead..updates on the farm..

Our ladies are laying!  We were so excited when we were coming home from vacation and my brother(he was staying at our home) found the first egg!  Ever since then we've been getting a couple of eggs a day-it's so exciting..the boys go out several times a day to check and come running back to the house when they find one.  Hopefully, we'll be getting a bunch soon!

This is our rooster.  We ordered all pullets(or hens) but we got a surprise.  He hasn't been aggressive yet so we are o.k. with having him around.  To be honest, I like his cock-a-doodle-dos in the makes it feel more *farm-like*.  We haven't named him yet, but I like to call him Sergeant...what do you think?

Our garden is doing well.  We are getting TONS of okra-I 'm assuming it's because of the crazy heat we are having.  I've noticed a ton of squash bugs on our zucchini so hopefully I can save the  plants by picking the squash bugs off.  Our pumpkin vines have started to spread too so hopefully we'll get some nice pumpkins for fall!

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