Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I still can't believe my big boys are 12...
I remember bundling them up and bringing them home from the hospital.  Darryl drove 20 miles an hour because we were so scared.  I remember holding those precious little babies and feeling so overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed at the immense task ahead of me.
Overwhelmed that God would chose to bless us in this way.
With two babies...at once...
Was I scared, yes.
Tired, yes.
Overwhelmed, yes.
Crazy, yes.
But so full of joy...Y.E.S.
How I regret those times that I didn't treasure every moment. 
 How I felt that these times would never end and I took them for granted.  
I don't do that any more. 
 Time taught me.
It goes in the blink of an eye and I want to be present and enjoy these precious moments.
Because 12.
12 times around the sun.
12 is so BIG.
How much more time do I have with them under my wing?
These little birds are beginning to fly.
And how proud I am of them.

I love these two so much.
Happy Birthday, my sweet boys.

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  1. Happy 12th Birthday to your boys! They are both so handsome!