Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Annual Great Wolf Lodge Adventure

Every year around this time, we make our way to the Lodge, The Great Wolf Lodge!
The boys all love swimming inside while it's cold outside...it's such a fun treat.

This photo seems to change yearly with new family members getting added in and little ones getting bigger.

Baby cakes was so excited to see the water!

At first, the water was a bit chilly for little Joe, but we warmed up quickly and had a blast!

After our first day of swimming, we ate our dinner and then dressed in our jammies. It was time to head to the lobby for story time and snow!

Joseph and Juliana were in awe of the snow falling from the sky!

Next day, swim, eat, repeat.
I didn't get many pictures of the big boys because I couldn't catch up with them!  We were blessed this year that we had a sitter come and help with the littles.  It allowed Darryl and I to be able to go on the big slides with the big boys.  We had so much fun on our favorite ride, The Tornado.  They especially loved my reaction and screaming more than anything.  That slide is intense!

Many more great memories made this year...look forward to the next!

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