Monday, March 3, 2014

 A typical school day this winter.  
Lots of fun activities for the littlest ones in the kitchen so I can teach the big boys and still have fun with the babies.
Juliana is exploring with a sensory bowl.  I just put some ice in and let her at it.
She loved playing with the cold ice.
I just love her little pudgy fingers!

This day we had several projects lined up for little Joe.  This one was his absolute favorite.
I found the idea online at a website dedicated to learning and playing with trains-right up his alley.
He got to paint with his trains and this kept him occupied for such a long time.
He loved to paint and then create stories with his trains.  This is a must do again project!

Best buds.

While the littles are playing, we are diagramming.
We are once again using Analytical Grammar this year.  Last year we used Jr Analytical Grammar and as history would dictate, both boys struggled a bit the first couple of weeks and then they find their groove and take off!
Nicholas especially loves to figure out where every word goes and has taken it upon himself to go ahead and diagram parts we haven't even learned yet.  They are so smart!

Little Joe with his cut and paste project.
He was so proud.

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