Monday, March 17, 2014

 Last week we took a trip to Folly Beach, SC for spring break.  Unfortunately, the weather was really cold and rainy.  I didn't want to spend the entire time in the rental house while Darryl worked, so the children and I headed to the SC Aquarium.  We had such a wonderful time!
I was so excited to see Joseph's face when he saw all of the fish.  Isn't it the greatest seeing things for the first time through a two year old's eyes?  
The aquarium had a two story fish tank with all the large fish one would expect to see but his favorite?  The sharks, of course!  Every time one would swim by he would yell, "Shark!!"  It was so cute.  I knew the big boys would love it and we all had a great time, even little baby cakes.

Joseph loved to *drive* the Jeep in the Madagascar exhibit.

 I found it so neat that the aquarium featured the coastal region, the Piedmont and the mountains.
Here we are entering the mountain exhibit.  They had one bald eagle and you could  almost touch him, he was so close!

Joseph was unsure about touching the snake.  He did end up doing it and said he felt soft.
He loved the alligator exhibit as well.   The alligator was basking on a rock.  The always look like they are smiling.  He said the alligator was happy!

Another favorite was the shrimp boat overlooking the harbor.  Joseph loved to drive and pretend he was the ship captain.

Even little sweets had a great time.  There was a little toddler playground she loved exploring with her big brother.

The lemur exhibit was really cool.  The kids could enter the exhibit through an acrylic hole.  One lemur decided to visit and sit on it.  Of course, the big boys made comments about said lemurs...ummm...bottom..
But, Joe was unaware and thought it was really neat.

Matthew's favorite part of the aquarium:  the lemur exhibit
Nicholas's favorite part of the aquarium:  the large fish tank
Joseph's favorite part of the aquarium:  large fish tank, the jeep, and the shrimp boat.

As we were leaving the aquarium, a large barge loaded with cargo was entering the channel.  Joseph was fascinated.  We had to watch it go the entire way under the Cooper River Bridge until it was out of sight. It was neat to watch as the children were sure it was going to not fit under the bridge.  While the bridge is very high, it did look close. 
 A neat ending to a wonderful day.

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