Sunday, June 15, 2014

Potty time

 Little Joe hasn't been to keen on using the potty yet.  He still seems pretty content to just do his business in diapers and have us take care of the mess.  
I'm fine with him taking his time, but thought we'd give it a whirl recently.
Well, he sat...and sat...and sat.
He read books.
He looked through his entire Locomotive Encyclopedia (which he LOVES).
Incidentally, he loves trains so much that he watches scenic train ride documentaries.
He would rather watch an hour of a steam locomotive documentary with a narrative on the different aspects of the train and local scenery than just about anything else.

Back to potty training.
  So, he sat for a LONG time.
He even had a little visitor sit with him for a spell.
He drank water.
He tried. 
Going on the potty is hard work. 
He gave great effort.

Well, it will happen...someday.

We aren't rushing or pushing the issue.

Little Joe are one of kind.

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