Monday, June 2, 2014

My sweet Nicholas keeps stealing roses from the house that is in front of worries, no one lives there.  He found the rose bush by an abandoned shed on their property and keeps finding new ones and bringing them for me to enjoy (and for little lady to smell)
Don't you just love the sweaty head?  
Oh, my little I love you!
I love my sweet Nicholas as well. 
  He is always spotting flowers everywhere to bring to me.
He loves to ask neighbors if he can take flowers from their gardens because he knows flowers make me smile. 
Our neighbor has a hydrangea bush.  He told me today he has been asking her constantly when she thinks it will bloom and if he can have one for me.
That truly melts my heart.
 I do not deserve him. 
I do not deserve any of them.
Yet, God in his infinite grace and mercy has granted me these four precious souls to raise.
I forget this nearly everyday.
  Shame on me.
As I sit in my evening prayer time, I am constantly reminded of my failures during the day. I need to strive to be better, to listen more, to do more, to be more.
These children are so precious and our time together is so short.
If God grants me another day, I will wake up tomorrow and give HIM the glory.
I will then kiss and hug my children and be grateful.

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