Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

So, while we have been gearing up for school these past couple of weeks with adjusting to online classes and a new math curriculum our first official day was yesterday September 1st.
What was neat was that it's also the beginning of the liturgical year so it helps to set the pace for a new school and church year.
I asked the boys what they hope to accomplish this year.

To learn all of Pre-Algebra
To have a six pack abs in 4 months
To get A honor roll in Pre-Physics
To get an A in Language Arts
Last but not least, to have FUN!

To fully grasp Pre-Algebra
To get all A's each semester in Language Arts
To get physically fit by December or Halloween.

Joe's goals:
To paint
To play
To be read to
To have fun!

Sounds like a great plan!

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