Friday, September 19, 2014

Fun at the fair!

We had such a blast at the fair this year.  We went on a Monday night.  It was cool and had a chance of showers, so it was almost completely empty.  The kids literally walked on every ride and most of the time were the only kids on them!
I don't know if my favorite part was watching Joey's excitement on the rides or the looks on Nicholas and Matthew's faces after they rode some rides that made them sick-they were so funny!

Darryl and Matthew up H.I.G.H.

Joey having a great time.

Here Nicholas and Matthew are making fun of the *baby* ride.
Little did they know...
Afterwards we hit the *big kid* rides and they were so sick they wanted to ride the *baby* rides again!

Happy faces now...3 minutes later...not so happy.

They went on this with Joey. 
 You can't tell unless you blow up the picture but Joey is having a great time and Nicholas and Matthew are nauseous from the previous ride and thought that this one would be an easy ride.  It turned and dipped all over the place.
I couldn't help but laugh...

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