Monday, September 22, 2014

 Little Joe has filled up his potty chart!  We had a few issues the first go around, but experience has taught me to let it go and wait until the child is ready, not when we are ready.  
So, Joe let us know he was ready to use the potty and he did great!  I made a little train potty chart for him and told him when he filled the chart with stickers, we would take him on a train ride.
He was so excited when he filled that chart!
So, last Sunday afternoon we headed to downtown Charlotte to take him on the light rail for a *train* ride.
Here he is buying the tickets.

Sweets looking sweet.

He couldn't sit still waiting for the train to show up, he was so excited!

"Wow!  This train awesome!", says Joe.

Even though I don't love changing diapers,  I'm sad that this chapter is closing.
  My little Peanut is growing up and doing new things everyday.
We all love you Joey and are so proud of you!

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