Thursday, October 30, 2014

Continuing on with our mountain trip...

We were able to enjoy dinner outside at a neat restaurant.  The cold front was blowing in that night, but we got to sneak in a couple more hours of cool weather before it turned C.O.L.D.

The kids loved dancing on the stage while we waited for our meal.

My oldest and youngest treasures.

We cuddled on the front porch in our was cold!

Some of my sweets by the neat creak across the street.

He is getting so big, but is still such a cuddle bug.
I love him.

She is enjoying the view on Daddy's shoulders.

Joseph kept asking to take this pumpkin home.  He loved the painted face.
Of course, when we decorated our pumpkins at home, he tried to recreate what he saw.
Sweet boy.

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