Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day Two

The big boys had overdone it with the sun on day one (why, oh why do they not listen to their mama?), so they spent a good portion of the day napping and chillin' under the canopy enjoying the beautiful ocean and eating snacks.  
We spent the entire day at the beach today.  Darryl spotted a loggerhead turtle in the water!
The little ones had great fun with the fish daddy caught again for their little fish pool.

In the afternoon, Nicholas awoke from his beach coma (you know, the one you get when you get soothed to sleep by the sounds of the sea and the feeling of the warm ocean breezes), so we set out to have a boogie board competition.  He's a bit fearful to head to far out with all these shark bite news stories so he kept trying to get me to come in closer and would swim after me and pull me in.  He was so worried I would get bitten.  It was quite cute!

 Then, little sweets succumbed to the beach coma and slept awhile, while I took the time to dive into a new book I borrowed from church, Bread and Water, Wine and Oil:  An Orthodox Christian Experience of God by Archimandrite Meletios Webber  This one I needed to read in little bite sized chunks as I don't want to just skim over the content, but really let in sink in.  Such wisdom found  in this book!!  I'm enjoying it immensely.

After getting our fill of the sand, sun and surf, we headed back to the cottage for some dinner.  I had prepared BBQ shredded pork in the crock pot and made some roasted red potatoes.  It was really yummy, we ate the entire thing! 
Our summer nights would not be complete without our favorite ice cream.  Did I profess my love here for Publix ice cream yet?  No?  Should I be embarrassed in stating it's our first stop when we head into Florida?  We stock our freezer with all our favorite flavors.  We all love it and  go crazy over it,  consuming way too much during vacation.   Usually, its because we know it will be a year before we can enjoy their ice cream again, but we know that will not be the case soon.  We are getting a Publix very near to us in Concord, NC.  We are so excited!  So, we have no excuse for our overabundance of ice cream consumption on this trip.
 It's summer, it's vacation, it's all good...

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