Monday, August 3, 2015

 Day One

What a glorious day!  Not a cloud in the sky.
The kids had such a blast.  The little ones stayed on shore.  Darryl built them a sand pool and filled it with bait fish he caught in his casting net.  Joseph played in that spot FOR HOURS...
Juliana played their awhile, but wanted to brave the waves with mommy.  She loved to squeal with excitement as the waves approached.  
Nicholas and Matthew used the boogie boards to surf the waves and then explored with their masks down past the sand bar.  They saw tons of fish.  

At lunch time, I brought the littles back to the cottage for showers, lunch and nap tiime.  
I then had some quiet time to knit for awhile.  It was quite lovely to sit on the cozy sofa and watch the Hallmark channel while knitting some fall projects.  

After the boys had their fill of the beach, they came home to yummy smells in the kitchen.  
We all enjoyed some chicken fajitas for dinner.
Then, back to the beach we headed!
We took a sunset walk and then came back for some swim time at the pool.

We all were asleep by 9:15. 

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