Monday, November 30, 2015

 Respite in nature.

Something about a warm fall day just calls us to close up our studies and spend the day outside.  
While this doesn't happen every beautiful day, it certainly is a welcome surprise for the children, as well as for mommy (:

Last week was glorious, with temperatures in the high 60's to low 70's.  After lunch, we spotted a beautiful grasshopper on the deck.  The children all rushed outside for some nature study.  He really was quite fun to watch.

After our fun on the deck, we decided to use a sheet for a leaf toss.  The big boys had lots of fun making the little ones scream with delight!

Chillin' on the dog.

Sometimes, Nicholas and Matthew can get a bit extreme with wanting to please their younger siblings.  Here they are swinging Joseph in a sheet.  No worries, as soon as I saw this(and took a picture), I promptly told them it probably was not the safest thing to do with their little brother.

 Even I got a bit of time to enjoy my knitting outside.
This project has taken me forever!  It seems I would set my knitting aside for a couple of months and then pick it up, only to knit a couple of rows and then set it aside again.
Now that I've finished this cowl, I'm itching to start another project, perhaps a coordinating hat?

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