Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our Thankful Tree

I got this really cute idea from one of my favorite blogs.
Here is a link to her project:

I just used an old bucket I had in my fall decor box that never get used, some sticks found in our woods and a bunch of rocks to stabilize everything.

Super quick, easy and fun for the kids!

I pre-cut all of the leaves, hole punched them and then tied some jute around each one.
I put them in a cute basket, along with a marker right by the tree.
That way, when inspiration strikes, all the kids have to do is write!

All the kids have contributed(although I have had to gently suggest it multiple times for the big boys).
Some cute ones:

Joe is thankful for babycakes (his baby sister) and pumpkins

Juliana is thankful for babies.

It makes a cute display in our dining room, as well as brings me such joy to see what the children are grateful for this holiday season.

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